Philippine Medical Tourism Combines Wellness and Leisure

The Philippines is known as one of Asia’s beach capitals. Its long stretches of white sand beach and over 7,000 islands and islets promises every visit to be a memorable adventure. Until recently, the country has successfully earned another tourism venture. For a country that has grown as a popular getaway destination, Philippine medical tourism managed to incorporate state-of-the art and modern health care experience with exciting vacationing packages to provide health care experience that nourishes the spirit, mind and body.

Philippine medical tourism is a private-public program that aims to invite foreign clients to the Philippines to undergo medical care and wellness services together with exciting sightseeing, shopping and total vacationing experiences. The program is designed to cater to all medical travelers who wanted to take advantage of the country’s expert healthcare, travel and leisure facilities. Their cheaper medical treatment costs have attracted a steadily growing number of patients worldwide. Clients from Japan, China, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France and United States come to the country for medical services and procedures, which include plastic and cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, weight loss surgery and dermatology.

The program markets the world-class health care services provided by the Philippines’ top private amd public hospitals, which include the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Capitol Medical Center, Asian Hospital, Makati Medical Center, Medical City, Lung Center, the National Kidney Institute, The Philippine Heart Center, East Avenue Medical Center and Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

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In addition to the distinct warmth of the Filipino hospitality, Philippine medical tourism offers to provide medical treatment and health care services that is comparable to what people get from more developed countries. Many of the country’s top doctors have studied in Asia’s best medical schools and even stayed in Japan, United States and in other parts of the world for their practice. Hence, the program ensures that all the medical professionals involved are among the experienced and most capable physicians in the Pacific region.
With Philippine medical tourismpackages, you can save up to 85 percent on various dental, medical and cosmetic treatments such as LASIK, metabolic surgery, executive health checkup, blepharoplasty, total hip or knee

replacement and coronary artery bypass grafting. These procedures usually cost thousands of dollars in more developed. In the Philippines, these procedures are performed by internationally trained doctors, dentists and other specialists at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the medical tourism package also includes opportunities to pamper yourself with your choice of Filipino blend spa retreats, which allow you to experience a fast and enjoyable recovery.

Medical tourism offerings in the Philippines usually cover everything a traveling patient may need. Depending on the chosen package, arrangements can be done to cover their needs from the moment they stepped out of the plane to the moment you catch their flight back home. The package usually provides traveling patients with their own personal assistant, who will be at their service accompanying them throughout their stay. Translators, although seldom needed, may also be provided upon request. To allow tourists to enjoy a worry free treatment and holiday experience, all the packages are customized to suit their individual needs. For concerns and inquiries, simply visit the Philippine medical tourism, Inc. website.

Philippine Medical Tourism Combines Wellness and Leisure


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