If you are an uninsured or partly insured citizen living in a developed country then you would have certainly dreaded the moment when you might need to undergo any specialized medical treatment or surgery that would snatch your finances in an instant. However, the world has now shrunk dramatically since many developing countries have now opened up their borders for tourists and medical tourism through competent medical tourism facilitators that now offer you a chance to get the best possible medical treatment at a fraction of what you might have spent in your own country.

Several developing countries such as India, China, Thailand, Philippines, Costa Rica, etc now offer all types of medical treatments including heart bypass operations, hip replacements, and dental treatments among many others that might be very costly to perform in developed countries such as the United States of America, Australia, and most of Europe. If you are faced with such a dilemma then you can now simply pick up your air ticket and make a beeline for a hospital or clinic in another country and regain your health or smile at a very cost-effective rate.

However, you might not want to enter into a strange country all by yourself and certainly not want to get yourself operated on in an alien hospital that might also have problems in communicating with you. This is where medical tourism facilitators step into the picture. These facilitators are usually established companies or even small groups of family-based individuals that will handle your entire medical tour including traveling, hospital stay, hotel stay for your family, and your return journey back home.

These medical tourism facilitators will study your medical case and suggest countries and hospitals that might be best suited for any operation or treatment that you might require. Such facilitators might ask for a fee for their services or could get commissions from hospitals where you would be admitted, or could even get a combination of both. On your part, you will certainly be free from the hassle of making arrangements for international and local travel, hotel accommodations, choosing an ideal hospital that is comfortable with communicating and operating on foreigners, post-operative stay, and then finally returning back to your own country. The fees that you might have to pay along with the cost of the entire medical tour would still be substantially less than what you would end up paying in your country.

Medical Simulation

Medical Simulation—Army Medicine (Flickr.com)

Once you do decide to follow the medical tourism way then you can call for quotes from several reputed and reliable medical tourism facilitators so that you can compare their prices and services. You should not rush to choose the facilitator that quotes the lowest rate but instead check the country where your operation would be conducted, the reputation of the hospital, the type of accommodation provided, and the level of transportation provided locally and internationally. Since most medical tourism facilitatorsget commissions from friendly hospitals, they might try to push you towards such hospitals and you will need to check if they are indeed the best options for your medical condition. You should certainly get referrals on the final facilitator that eventually meets your requirements.

Medical tourism is now a booming industry thanks to high medical costs in most developed countries. If you too have a costly medical procedure staring at your face then you can now opt to visit a new country while also getting top-quality medical treatment at a fraction of the cost as compared to your own country. However, you should first compare quotes and features of various capable medical tourism facilitators before you finally make up your

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