Speaker Pelosi on Health Care Reform and Medical Costs

By Leader Nancy Pelosi from Flickr.com

You’d be amazed at how good some vegetables taste when you mix the flavor with fruits. In fact, in most cases, you won’t even know they’re in your mixture. If you don’t like vegetables or fruit but know you must eat them for weight loss or health reasons, you’ll love the Health Master.

The health master is similar to a blender and a juicer. However, it has the ability to handle hot foods as well as cold ones. This makes it far more versatile than other types of health food drink makers. You simply throw in your fruits, vegetables and sauces and turn it on to spin a drink that you’ll love. You can even whip up a quick soup without the fuss of a lot of pots and pans. You control the ingredients so you know you make your soup with all healthy whole foods.

How could a Health Master help you? A healthy diet consists of eight to ten servings of fruits or vegetables a day. Most of us don’t get that allotted amount and our nation’s health problems reflect that lack of nutrition. Instead, we tend to eat those foods that are quick to prepare and easy to make. Now the Health Master puts health food in that category.

You can mix a drink in a few minutes that contains as many as ten servings of fruits and vegetables. Best of all, the Health Master can replace many of the other kitchen appliances, besides giving you a healthy drink for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you’ve always wanted a juicer but knew you wouldn’t use it as often as a blender or other small appliance and didn’t want to clutter your counter, the Health Master is for you. The Health Master replaces as many as 10 household appliances or utensils.

The first kitchen appliance it replaces is a blender, and of course, the juicer you’ve been coveting. You’ll also find that the Health Master is a great ice cream maker. It can grind your coffee, so it replaces your coffee mill. Add a spice mill to the list, an immersion blender, a smoothie blender and a food mill. You can include a ricer, a cheese or veggie grater, a meat grinder, a hand mixer, a nut butter maker, a soymilk maker, a garlic press and a milk shake maker. While it may not be a health food, include a latte whip into the mix. It does it all and only takes a small amount of counter space.

Even if you don’t want the Health Master for a diet regimen, you’ll love it for all the things it can do. You can pulverize fruits and vegetables and liquefy them too. If you want to simmer soup, it’s available.

Making smoothies is no problem with the Health Master and neither is simmering soup. You can melt chocolate fondue, whisk salad dressing, grind nut butters and puree baby food. Just think of the money you’ll save on baby food, while controlling the ingredients you put into the food. you can do any number of other tasks from making yogurt to coffee drinks, including grinding the beans. You’re kids will love the fact you can make them healthy sorbet for dessert.

The Health Master Makes Eating Healthy Easy