Affordable Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has been around for many years, but the industry has picked up steam over the past few decades. Medical tourism is the practice of going to certain locations outside of one’s home country, to receive medical procedures in another country and destination. The reason why people would want to leave their home country for medical procedures primary is because of pricing. The majority of medical tourists come from North America, and from Europe, where healthcare cost, and medical procedures cost a very high amount of money. Particularly in the U.S., many people don’t have health insurance at all. If they do, the insurance plan might not cover the medical procedure that they’d like or need to have done. Or, the insurance plan might require a ridiculously high deduction be paid first before the procedure can take place. The cost of the deductible alone could financially break a person. There are many people who are suffering needlessly because they simply can’t afford their procedures.

The type of people who seek out affordable medical tourism are people who are struggling financially, or who are people who simply want to save money. Many people see no reason in spending more money for a medical procedure than what they absolutely have to. They like the idea of going to another country to visit as a tourist, and at the same time, they can receive whatever procedure that they need. In many cases, the country that they will be traveling to will be very conducive to healing. It would do a patient good to get away from all of their relations and the stressors that could impede their recovery. A person might want to rest their mind, as well as their body. So going to a location in another country could be a wonder part of their recovery plan.

The countries that specialize in the affordable medical tourism industry includes Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, South Africa, and many other places that people would be shocked to know that are medical tourism hotspots. Each of these countries tend to be known for certain procedures. For example, it’s a common known fact that Mexico specializes in dentistry at a much reduced price compared to other countries. Many people flock to Brazil for plastic surgery procedures. India is known for a variety of surgical procedures, and for surrogacy births. The procedure that is needed will determine where a medical tourist might like to travel to.

Of course, the number one question would be about safety. The doctors that perform these procedures have been trained in the best medical facilities in the U.S., Canada, and in Europe. They take this knowledge back to their home countries. Furthermore, the facilities that they work out of are state of the art with the latest medical equipment. One doesn’t have to worry about being worked on in unsanitary or primitive conditions. The procedures in these countries are safe, and they are regulated as well.

Of course, the patient will be responsible for the cost of flying to these countries, as well as for lodging and food. However, many agencies that specialize in medical tourism create packages that create one price for all of the food, lodging, and for the procedures. If a person is looking for affordable medical tourism, this would be the way to go.

Affordable Medical Tourism


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