Health Issues  – Top Issues for Women

Keeping up with the health issues that may be a problem with you can help you to stay as healthy as possible. After all, living with illness can be frustrating and painful. To boost your health, taking a look at common conditions that affect you is a great idea. There are specific health issues that can affect women. It’s important that women work with their doctors to keep up with their health. You also need to take time to get educated on the health problems that may end up affecting you. Here is a look at some of the top health issues for women that you need to learn about.

Issue #1 – Heart Disease

You may be surprised to find out that the top killer of women today happens to be heart disease. In fact, about 29% of deaths today are a result of heart diseases, according to the CDC. Not only can this problem cause death, but it can also lead to problems with disability and premature death. Some women deal with this problem for years and it can severely limit their life. Heart disease is one of the health issues that happens to be under diagnosed in women as well and sometimes by the time it is caught, it is too late for women. It’s important to know the symptoms of heart disease and heart attacks, such as nausea, shortness of breath, shoulder aches, jaw pain, and vomiting. It definitely can go beyond the usual chest pain that most people think about.

Issue #2 – Breast Cancer

Another of the top health issues for women happens to be breast cancer. This happens to be the most common cancer that women deal with. Many times women fear having this type of cancer so they avoid getting the screening that they need. Today there are more treatments for breast cancer than ever and many women are getting through the cancer and going on to live their lives for years to come. Just a few of the risk factors for this type of cancer include family history, race, increasing age, not having kids, obesity, drinking too much alcohol, and genes. Women who have any risk factors need to be checked out and it is recommended that you have mammograms done after the age of 40 on a regular basis.

Issue #3 – Osteoporosis

You’ll also find that Osteoporosis is one of the big health issues that women often deal with. This can lead to back pain, hunched backs, and even multiple fractures. However, there are many steps that women can take to avoid having such bad problems with this disease. The good news is that you can prevent this disease. If you offer your body the right tools, it can repair damage to the bones. Just a few of the risk factors for this problem include increasing age, family history of the disease, anorexia, low calcium diet, use of certain medications, ethnicity, smaller frames, and sex hormones.

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