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Health Food Stores – Vitamin Supplements You Can Buy

Many people today aren’t getting all the vitamins that they need in their diet. For this reason, vitamin supplements can definitely be helpful. They help to fulfill the need for certain vitamins that your body needs. One of the places where you can purchase vitamin supplements happens to be at health food stores. Usually these supplements offered have been tested to offer you to quality products. Of course, it’s definitely a good idea to talk to your doctor before you begin supplementing with vitamins. Here is a look at a few of the vitamin supplements that you will find in health food stores and how they can help you.

Vitamin B12

One of the supplements that you can purchase at health food stores happens to be vitamin B12. Many foods contain this vitamin, including fish, dairy, meat, and shellfish. This vitamin works to keep the red blood cells and nerve cells healthy. Often it is used to treat people who are dealing with anemia and often those who have B12 deficiencies are treated with this vitamin as well. This vitamin is known for providing more energy and many people take it for this reason. If you aren’t getting enough of this vitamin in your diet, you may want to consider purchasing vitamin B12 at your local health food stores to supplement your diet with this essential vitamin.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is another of the vitamin supplements that you’ll find in health food stores today. This is also one of the B vitamins and it is water soluble and helps with the formation of red blood cells as well. Some of the foods that contain folic acid include egg yolks, beans, avocados, liver, pumpkins, and apricots. This vitamin can help to prevent food poisoning and it also helps to naturally relieve pain. Of course, if you take too much you can end up with some of the side effects, which include nausea, diarrhea, bloating, skin flush, rash, cramping, and itching.

Vitamin D

You’ll also find that Vitamin D is a vitamin supplement that most health food stores happen to carry today. This vitamin is usually found in cod liver oil, fish, and eggs. It also can be received from the rays of the sun. Vitamin D helps to keep your blood calcium at proper levels and it helps to keep phosphorus at the right levels in your body as well. One of the side effects to taking this vitamin includes sleepiness during the day. If you take too much, you may deal with toxicity, which can cause anorexia, vomiting, too much urination, and nausea.


Last, you’ll also find that most health food stores also have niacin as a vitamin supplement. This is also known as vitamin B3. Foods like green vegetables, yeast, fish, meat, cereals, and eggs all contain this vitamin. This vitamin is important for helping to give good cholesterol a boost while lowering bad cholesterol at the same time It can help to treat deficiency of this vitamin, it can lower the risk of atherosclerosis, and can help prevent heart attacks as well. A few of the common side effects include a red face or warm face.

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