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Fat is not the enemy, it’s the symptom that the enemy took over your body. The enemy is poor eating habits across America. Health news with reports of foods that fight serious diseases such as cancer and eliminate weight can be a boon to your daily reading and help you keep your family in tiptop shape.

If you don’t read any health news, try subscribing to at least one or two daily newsletters. You’ll find the information enlightening and be abreast of some of the most important scientific discoveries of our century.

For instance, there are studies that show that blueberries and other deep purple, blue or red fruits and vegetables are colon cancer fighters. Several universities are studying ways to extract the phytochemical from the plants and create a form of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, one of the blocks is that all the plant nutrients work in unison to increase the power of this phytonutrient. (The prefix phyto stands for plant.) You can use this same news story to increase your family’s intake of deep red and purple fruits and veggies if you have a history of cancer in the family.

Other late breaking health news comes from experiments with lab rats. Scientists exposed the rats to cigarette smoke and gave them a shot that prevented the development of the lungs. Once these little fellows showed signs of breathing difficulty and emphysema or COPD, the scientists gave them doses of a vitamin a derivative. It improved their lung function and made the symptoms of COPD disappear. It’s amazing yet true. Of course, it still is experimental and only showed results on lab rats, but it might convince you to eat more foods high in vitamin A.

You don’t have to fight life-threatening diseases at home to find health news helpful. One of the latest discoveries shows that extra vitamin D taken during the cold and flu season can help you prevent the flu, as well as the flu shot for the average person. Always consult a doctor if you have severe health problems before testing the effectiveness of this information.

You can read health news to find out which type of diet fits your needs the best, which herb can help you overcome pain and which herbs and foods can help slow and reverse the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. Every day, someone writes about a new discovery. While taken individually, if you keep abreast of health news, you’ll notice a trend toward certain natural cures.

The cure doesn’t have to be natural to make health news. In fact, many of the writers focus on new medications and treatments for diseases and illnesses. While you might not be severely ill, you might read something about a cure for a specific disease, only to find later that a friend has the disease. You can give them the information to take to their doctor. Not every doctor is up to date on the latest treatments, particularly if they’re experimental.

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