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Free Health Insurance – Is It Available

Finding health insurance can be difficult in the best of times and with the current economic downturn faced in the country, more and more people are finding themselves trying to get the insurance that they need. Some families have lost coverage due to layoffs, others can no longer pay the high premiums for insurance, while others are denied for pre-existing conditions. For this reason, the debate surrounding the idea of free health insurance has become a hot one, especially with recent health care legislation that has passed Congress, only to have many Americans demanding a repeal of the bill. So, the question is: Is free health insurance available.

Obama-Care – Is it Really Free?

At this point in time, a health care bill has been passed by Congress, although many are hoping to challenge it in the future. However, the question is that as this legislation stands at this point, is the ?free health insurance? offered really something that is free? In reality, nothing is really free. While some users may be able to get health care without having to pay, this doesn?t really mean that it is free. After all, the money to fund such a prospect has to come from somewhere. Current projections estimate that this healthcare bill will end up costing billions in the future and the ones who will be footing the bill are the taxpayers. This means that the often touted free health insurance really isnt very free in the long run.

Free Health Insurance for Everyone How is Quality of Care Affected?

Another thing to consider if you are taking a closer look at the free health insurance that will be offered by the recent Obama-Care bill is how the quality of care is going to be affected. To figure out what will occur, simply look at other nations that offer free health insurance. In countries, such as Canada, where health care is run by the government, the quality of care is affected in a huge way. Procedures have long wait lists and in some cases patients suffer while waiting to get the procedures or other care that they need. The problem is that demand begins to exceed the supply if free health insurance is guaranteed to everyone. People end up waiting for care and soon decisions will need to be made regarding which patients are eligible for certain procedures. Competition helps to elevate the quality of care, which means that a free health care option may not be what many people think it will.

Other Options

Of course, for those who are in need and who really need free health insurance, there are some other options on the table, even if Obama-Care is no longer an option. Most states have their own health care programs that help to provide health insurance to people who are in need. Those who are disabled have the ability to apply for SSI benefits, which includes health insurance as well. There are options available for those that need health care but cant get the insurance that they need.

Free Health Insurance