With medical tourism turning into a hard reality, insurance providers that were reluctant to offer insurance coverage to patients traveling abroad can no longer afford to ignore this lucrative sector. Patients too find it convenient if they are adequately covered by an overseas medical insurance when they are in a foreign country awaiting a medical procedure.

Several international insurance service providers have now started offering overseas insurance coverage for patients and their loved ones that might want or need to go overseas for medical treatment. Since most insurance policies do not cover any sort of emergency outside that country, patients and their loved ones will need to inform their insurance service provider and purchase a separate overseas medical insurance policy. Another easier alternative is to contact an efficient medical tourism facilitator that will anyway be handling all travel and accommodation needs of the patient and those accompanying him or her to the specified country.

The facilitator can scout around for the best in overseas medical insurance policies that cover everything from lost passports, lost baggage, injuries whilst traveling to and from the country of origin to the destination country as well as any medical emergency that might arise during medical treatment in the foreign country. The last aspect of the policy would need to be clearly understood by the patient and his or her family since not many insurance providers might be willing to include that clause. In addition, insurance premium rates for such policies would certainly be on the higher side due to the increase in risk factors.

However, patients and their loved ones accompanying them would surely realize that their medical trip could surely turn into a nightmare if the patient or someone else accompanying him or her fell severely ill in a foreign country due to change of location, weather, food, water, etc or suffered an unfortunate accident. Also, since most medical tourism trips involve visiting developing countries, the risks perceived by patients, their families and by insurance companies are also on the higher side. However, if in case one does get involved in a serious accident or falls sick in a serious manner then medical treatment or an air-lift back to that developed country would surely turn into a financial nightmare and simply negate the entire purpose of visiting a developing country for cost-effective treatment.

Patients as well as medical tourism facilitators should carefully read about inclusions and more importantly exclusions in the proposed overseas medical insurance policy before they embark on their medical journey out of their country. They should not only compare premium rates but also the level of service as well as features before they purchase a policy that is most suited for their trip. A well-covered policy will give the patient and his or her loved ones peace of mind so that they can focus only on their trip and upcoming medical procedure instead of dreading any unexpected incident that could mar their experience of visiting a wonderful new country while also getting back lost health at a very reasonable rate.

People planning to travel to another country for sight-seeing as well as for medical treatments should not forget that their medical insurance cover could cease the minute they leave their own country. What they need is adequate overseas medical insurance that could offer cover on any type of eventuality that could turn their wonderful experience into a nightmare so that they can return back to their country only with wonderful memories and one less disease to worry about.

Overseas medical insurance

Overseas medical insurance.

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