Universal Health Care Will Take the Burden Off US Businesses

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Universal Health Care and A Look at the Disadvantages

Health care has become a huge topic in the United States. For many years, politicians have talked about health care reform and dealing with some of the inefficiencies in the health care system that is in place within this country. Many people don’t have coverage today, which is definitely a problem. Within the past few months, a universal health care bill was passed in Congress as part of the Obama administration. However, debate on whether this is the right option for the country continues as some work to defund and eliminate universal health care before it is even implemented. While there are definitely some benefits to be enjoyed, it’s important to look at the disadvantages that are presented as well.

Disadvantage #1 – Lower Quality Health Care

One of the disadvantages of universal health care is that there is a big chance that this will lead to lower quality health care. Everyone is supposed to get care under this type of health care. However, this puts a larger care burden on the physicians that are out there today. As doctors become more burned out, there is a big chance that the quality of the health care is going to suffer. Patients may end up having to deal with longer waits for their treatment, since doctors will have so many people that they have to care for on a regular basis. Since there is a limited amount of funding, some patients may not get the tests of the expensive care that they need because it is deemed too expensive.

Disadvantage #2 – Finding the Funding

Another of the disadvantages to consider when it comes to universal health care is finding the funding. While many people look at this type of health care as free care, they don’t take the time to realize that the funding is coming from somewhere. Those who will be funding this health care will be those paying taxes. If taxes aren’t cut, then other programs that are federally funded will end up getting cut to pay for this program. While it may sound great and like you are getting free healthcare, you will definitely end up paying in some way.

Disadvantage #3 – No More Competition

One big problem that many doctors and other health care workers have with universal health care is that it eliminates any competition. Competition helps to motivate those in the health care industry to provide the best possible care to patients. Patients can go to other companies if they don’t get the care that they want. However, much of this competition is eliminated with a universal health care system. Many worry that this will make health care professionals lazy about their job, lowering the quality of care that people are given.

While many advantages have been touted about the new universal health care system, you should take some time to consider the disadvantages as well before you decide this is something that you want. Many people today are protesting this plan because of the disadvantages that have been laid out in this article.

Universal Health Care