Diet pills come in many varieties, and contain many different ingredients. Because of this, the risks associated with consuming a diet pill are largely dependent on which type of pill you’re taking. Many of us, when we first begin taking an over the counter, prescription, or herbal dietary supplement do not realize the risks associated with the drug. We may just think that the drug is just going to make us lose weight, or we may think that the benefits will outweigh the risks. While in many cases this is true, because of the nature of the metabolic system and the different ways in which the pills change our bodies, the various effects can range from minor to extreme. Hopefully by reading this article you’ll have a better understanding of what risks are associated with diet pills, and whether or not you’re willing to take those risks.

Fat blockers such as orlistat in Xenical remove excess fats through the intestines. Because they work in the intestines, the user may feel uncomfortable cramping, gas and diarrhea. They also reduce the body’s absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Sibutramine (found in the Meridia diet pill) is an appetite suppressant that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which raises blood pressure and heart rate. This increases the risk of heart attack, especially among people who already suffer from high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, or heart disease. Other minor side effects include constipation, headache, dry mouth, and insomnia.

Even though the herbal diet pill is touted as ‘all natural,’ they have potentially dangerous side effects depending on their ingredients. Because they’re considered part of the food industry and not the drug industry, herbal diet pills aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administrations’ (or FDA’s) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research – they’re regulated as a food product. Herbal diet pills cannot guarantee their manufacturers claims because they aren’t regulated as a drug – so be careful when buying and using these supplements.

Even prescription and over the counter drugs aren’t always safe. In the early and mid 1990s, the diet pill industry was booming, and more than 18 million diet pill users were taking a mix of the appetite suppressants fenfluramine (or dexfenfluramine) and phentermine – nicknamed fen-phen – with great success. But, many of these users were quickly developing a potentially fatal heart disease. While fenfluramine (or dexfenfluramine) was taken off the market rather quickly, phentermine is still available on its own.

An over the counter diet pill ingredient had the same problem in the 1990s. The ingredient, called ephedra, is an amphetamine-like stimulant. Combined with caffeine, it triggered measurable weight loss quickly. However, because the drug sped up the heart rate, ephedra also dramatically increased the risk of heart attack and stroke. In late 2003, the FDA announced that it would ban the sale of all diet pills containing ephedra, and you can no longer find them on the market.

Diet pills, when used properly with a doctors supervision has a great chance of helping you lose weight. However, even with the close guidance of a doctor, diet pills still have a chance to harm you. If at all possible, avoid them completely and lose weight via diet control and exercise; but if you must use diet pills pay attention to what your body is telling you and let your doctor know of any changes to your health and how your body is ‘feeling’.

 What are the risks associated with taking a diet pill

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The Human Papilloma Virus causes warts. They are unsightly, contagious, and may be painful. For those who suffer from warts, finding successful wart removal procedures is of the utmost importance. Warts may affect any part of the body, including the genitalia. Though all warts are caused by the same virus, HPV, not all warts should be treated the same. Some warts respond well to home remedies, but a doctor should treat genital warts only. There are many over the counter remedies that are effective in wart removal and can be used safely.

Warts may affect the hands, feet, and face. Warts on the face can become a source of low self-esteem and negative comments. This can be detrimental in a young child or adolescent. Removing these types of warts should be performed as quickly as possible to ensure the child’s state of emotional well-being. Rather than trying various home remedies and over the counter treatments, seeking the advice of a dermatologist may offer the fastest course of wart removal and therefore give the best results. Some choices offered by dermatologists include laser surgery and freezing the wart with Liquid Nitrogen or Sodium Nitride. Debridement, where the doctor literally cuts out the wart, is also a choice that your doctor may recommend.

If the wart is located on the palms of the hands, you may decide on using various over the counter products, herbal, or home remedies. Over the counter wart removal products include Salicylic Acid or Compound W. Some herbal treatments include various herbal tinctures or essential oils that have been combined and prepared together. These are then brushed on the wart to help destroy the virus and cause the wart to dry up. Some home remedies include wrapping the wart in duct tape daily. This encourages the area surrounding the wart to become irritated, thereby encouraging the white blood cells to attack the area. Hopefully, this will trigger the cells to recognize the Human Papilloma Virus and to begin to fight it. This is the best course of natural wart removal.

With all of these home remedies, it is often recommended to use a flat emery board or pumice stone, and to consistently yet gently, file away at the dead skin on the wart. This will help the herbs, Compound W, or other agent sink deeper into the living skin found on the wart as well. Some treatments may lead to scarring; therefore it is always best to leave the actual wart removal procedures to doctors.

Plantar Warts are located either on the soles of the feet or on the palm of the hands. These warts can become painful and may inhibit the ability to walk comfortably. As with other types of warts, you should seek the advice of your medical health care professional to determine the best course of action. Surgery could lead to scarring and make it difficult to heal, so your doctor will discuss the best choice for wart removal that will provide the best and quickest results as well as promote the easiest forms of healing.

Wart removal procedures

wart removal

wart removal—A A (

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Dr John Diet concerns burning mouth syndrome skin tags i Dr. John i Diet concerns burning mouth syndrome skin tags. Once you’ve established that they are indeed skin tags using over the counter wart removal products can burn off a skin tag. You can also remove them by tying off the base of the skin tag with something as simple as dental floss. and more.…

A mole skin tag is a piece of skin that extends off of the surface of your skin. It is flesh colored and looks like a birthmark, but is in fact a mole. A mole skin tag is benign or non cancerous and they usually are hereditary. There is no specific known cause for a mole skin tag, but many factors seem to play a part in their development. They seem to develop in those who are middle aged, who are obese, in people with Type 2 Diabetes, and seem to be caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (the same virus that causes warts to develop). It may be important to increase the Immune System and build up natural resistance against the Human Papilloma Virus in an effort to lower the susceptibility of a mole skin tag

A mole skin tag may appear on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin, or back. Though they are harmless, many people opt to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. A skin tag may be removed by freezing, cutting it off, even by tying the base of the skin tag with a piece of thread.

If you have a mole skin tag that you would like removed, then you should make an appointment with your dermatologist for a consultation. It is important to note that since a skin tag is a harmless growth and benign, insurance will not cover the cost of having it removed. Therefore make sure that you discuss the cost and full understand the financial obligation you will have for the removal procedure. If there is a financial need, you should ask your dermatologist about any billing procedures or payment plans that they may offer. Many doctors will gladly arrange a payment plan before your scheduled procedure.

During your consultation, you should discuss which method would be most beneficial to remove the skin tag in its entirety. Excision is always an option. This is the method of simply cutting the skin tag off. Many dermatologists are now using what is known as Electro Cauterization. This procedure cauterizes the blood vessels while cutting the skin tag off, minimizing any bleeding. Cryotherapy is another option. With Cryotherapy, the dermatologist covers the skin tag with Liquid Nitrogen, which freezes the skin tag and causes it to fall off. The area is bandaged and then when the bandage is removed, the skin tag has fallen off. You may need to apply a local antibiotic to the area while it continues to heal.

Though generally, skin tags are harmless, they may sometimes become painful. There is a slight possibility that they can become cancerous, but this is rare. It is important however, to see your dermatologist if you notice any changes in your skin tags or moles. Most moles look very similar and many benign skin lesions can mimic skin cancer in appearance. In fact, many moles can easily be mistaken for a Basal Cell Carcinoma. The only way to be sure that your mole skin tag is benign is to have it examined by your dermatologist.

What is a mole skin tag

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Diabetic neuropathy is a nerve disorder caused by diabetes. The symptoms of the disorder can include the numbing and/or pain in the hands, feet, or legs. Because diabetic neuropathy can cause nerve damage, it can also lead to problems with the internal organs such as the heart, digestive system, and sexual organs causing indigestion, diarrhea or constipation, dizziness, bladder infections and even impotence.

Diabetic neuropathy can flare up without warning it is very complicated for sufferers to deal with. Many sufferers find they have sudden weakness and/or weight loss, along with depression. While there are a few treatments available, there still needs to be a considerable amount of research done to understand how the disorder affects the nerves.

The disorder can come as it pleases. The neuropathy can develop within the first ten years after a diabetes diagnosis and the chances of contracting diabetic neuropathy actually increases the longer a person has diabetes. Studies have shown that sixty percent of diabetes patients have some form of neuropathy, and frighteningly enough, up to forty percent of those cases have no symptoms. It appears that this form of the disease is more common in smokers, people over forty years of age, and those who have had problems controlling their glucose levels.

No one seems to know what causes the disorder, but it seems that many things contribute to the disorder. High amounts of blood glucose have a direct effect on diabetic neuropathy. High levels of glucose create chemical changes in nerves, which also impair the nerves’ ability to transmit signals. How the high blood glucose levels affect and lead to nerve damage is still a subject of research. While researchers have found that the levels affect the metabolic pathways in the nerves, the precise mechanism of the disorder is still unknown.

Researchers have also found that with diabetic neuropathy the amount of nitrous oxide in the nerves changes. People with diabetes have a higher chance of nerve damage with low levels of nitrous oxide, therefore scientists are find this area of research very promising as to the real reason why this disorder happens, and how to heal patients who have it.

Diabetic neuropathy, View From The Back Of The Pack

Diabetic neuropathy, View From The Back Of The Pack—Tobyotter (

Treating diabetic neuropathy is not really ‘treatment’ but more ‘easing’. The current treatment regimen is supposed to relieve discomfort and prevent further tissue damage. Because doctors, researchers, and scientists do not know exactly what causes the disorder, it is difficult to find a ‘cure.’ Surely, more research done on the disorder will eventually find a real cure and relief for sufferers of the disorder.

The first step of the treatment is to bring blood glucose levels under control by diet, oral drugs, and/or injections. It is also important to take special care of the feet, which the disorder poses a significant threat to. It has been noted that maintaining a lower blood sugar can actually help reverse the pain or loss of sensation that diabetic neuropathy can cause. Good control of blood sugar helps to prevent or delay the onset of further problems.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy

Early Axonal Dysfunction Precedes Diabetic Neuropathy. Doctors Lounge. Early axonal dysfunction may be detected prior to the development of clinical symptoms of diabetic neuropathy according to a study published online April 20 in Diabetes. FRIDAY April 27 HealthDay News Early axonal dysfunction may be detected. Early Axonal Dysfunction Precedes Diabetic Neuropathy Doctors Lounge

Social anxiety disorder doesn’t get as much attention as other mental health problems. Almost everyone is acquainted, on some level, with depression. Anxiety, in the form of panic attacks and similar problems, is also fairly well known. Social anxiety disorder, despite being the third most common mental health problem facing Americans, however, still is not well understood by most people.

Social anxiety disorder takes many forms. It can be described as an inappropriately elevated sense of self-consciousness. In some people, social anxiety appears in their constant worries that others are watching them critically. In others, it can lead to situations where they simply refuse to engage in any social interaction. Social anxiety disorder, in its less severe forms can be very frustrating and can significantly diminish the quality of one’s life. In its more extreme forms, the disorder can be almost totally debilitating, rendering a person completely unable to interact with others.

There is not cure for social anxiety disorder. And, unlike the better-known problems of depression and panic disorders, no medications have been developed that show a significant ability to combat the problem. Those who are diagnosed with depression or who suffer with panic attacks may be able to mitigate symptoms with prescription medications, but the individual with social anxiety disorder has to rely on other treatment modalities.

The only form of treatment that has been shown to produce any real substantive change among those with a social anxiety disorder is therapy based on a cognitive model. By increasing awareness, learning coping skills, and retraining thought patterns it is possible for someone saddled with this problem to improve his or her condition markedly over time. Research indicates that many sufferers begin to notice a significant improvement in their condition after a few dozen visits to a behavior therapist. Often, group therapy is eventually included as part of the treatment regimen.

It should be noted that not everyone who worries what others think about him or her has an anxiety disorder. The problem arises when those concerns become too powerful and prevent the individual from engaging in otherwise desired interactions. It is absolutely normal to have a bit of concern about what others might think of your new haircut. It is not, on the other hand, normal to allow your mind to be overwhelmingly preoccupied with that consideration or to let your worries interfere with your ability to function in an appropriate manner.

If you experience significant discomfort, lumps in your throat, fear, or disproportionate worry about social interactions, you may be experiencing an anxiety disorder and should seek the advice of a medical professional. The problem is treatable with cognitive therapy and it is possible to live a life that is not filled with the irrational non-stop worries and inability to interact that are hallmarks of social anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder

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Anxiety Disorders-Recovery Possible

Hello. My name is Denee and I am a therapist on the TherapyHub site. I have many clients with a variety of Anxiety Disorders and I am hoping this article might be helpful.…

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is a blanket term covering several different forms of a type of mental illness of abnormal and pathological fear and.…

Depression treatment can take a variety of forms and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. All of us, from time to time, have periods where we are “low” emotionally. In some cases, these “blue periods” may be sufficiently intense to make us wonder whether or not we should avail ourselves to medical interventions. We may wonder when depression treatment is necessary.

There is no simple answer to the query. Depression strikes different people in different ways and each or us has our own unique emotional composition. However, there are a few solid indicators we can reference in order to determine if our sense of sadness is a normal part of our healthy emotional range or an incident of depression warranting medical help.

The first consideration is the severity of primary symptoms. If one is feeling a bit glum, that is a far cry from experiencing the sense of utter hopelessness often associated with cases of clinical depression. A mild twinge of the “blues” is far different in severity to having lost one’s zest for life and the ability to appreciate formerly enjoyed activities. If symptoms are out of the ordinary, depression treatment may be necessary. Stated in stark terms: bad moods are normal. Depression is not.

Another factor to evaluate is the presence of additional symptoms. Rarely does depression merely impact one’s moods. Those who suffer from a diagnosable case of this mental illness usually experiencing additional symptoms. If feeling down is accompanied by changes in appetite or sleeping habits, a heightened sense of anxiety, or other commonly experienced depression symptoms, depression treatment may be justified. One can easily search for a list of the many possible symptoms associated with depressive disorders online. If you are trying to assess your health or that of another, such information will not serve as a replacement for professional opinion, but can provide you with valuable background information.

Finally, we should look not only at symptoms and their severity, but also at their longevity. Many people will experience intense periods of situational depression that tend to dissipate over the course of a few weeks. Life’s challenges can be severe, and feeling low in response to them is perfectly normal. However, if those feelings don’t begin to wane in a few weeks, one may want to investigate depression treatment options.

The decision to seek professional help can be difficult. However, if you have any doubt as to whether or not you or someone you know is experiencing actual depression as opposed to a simple “bad mood,” you should err on the side of caution and explore the possibility of treatment before simply assuming the situation will pass “on its own.”

Deciding whether or not seek medical guidance should be informed but must be cautious. Depression is a very serious medical malady and should not be taken lightly. If any warning signs exist, it is perfectly reasonable to make an appointment to investigate depression treatment.

Depression treatment

Depression, depression treatment

Depression—h koppdelaney (

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Depression blood test may lead to better treatment CBS News

CBS News. Depression blood test may lead to better treatment. CBS News. The researchers say the new test might be able to distinguish between certain types of depression raising hope for more personalized treatments. Right now depression is treated with a blunt instrument study author Dr. Eva Redei a professor of Blood test looks promising in diagnosing depressionLos Angeles Times. Scientists develop first blood test to diagnose depressionFox News. Blood Test Detects Depression in TeensMyFox Chicago. RTT News Chicago Sun-Times Huffington Post. all 84 news articles.…

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Blood Tests For Depression May Lead To Better Treatment Health

Right now depression is treated with a blunt instrument said Eva Redei a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and lead investigator of the study published.…

Not every symptom of depression is easy to spot. Nor is every possible symptom an automatic indicator that one is experiencing a diagnosable mental health problem. Depression is a tricky disorder and manifests itself differently in different people. Since there is no single clear indicator of the disease, it is important to recognize the wide range of potential symptoms in order to know when to feel concerned about our own health or that of loved ones. By looking at the range of possibilities and noting whether multiple indicators are simultaneously present, we are more likely to be able to discern whether a given behavior is a symptom of depression or not.

One unmistakable symptom of depression is a profound sense of sadness. All of us naturally and normally experience “low” periods or “blue moods.” If these feelings are felt intensely and linger, it is a possible symptom that some form of depression is present.

That feeling of sadness, however, is not the only symptom of depression. In fact, there are literally scores of ways the illness can manifest itself. Interestingly, some symptoms are seeming opposites. For instance, a loss of appetite may be an indicator, but so is a sudden increase in appetite. Some depressed individuals find themselves unable to sleep and others will find it hard not to sleep their days away. Thus, any sudden changes in one’s overall approach to life, when coupled with a sense of sadness, may be symptoms of the disease.

Other symptoms are a bit more clear. If one finds himself or herself thinking about suicide or having suicidal ideations, that is a strong indicator of depression. Likewise, frequent crying jags, an increased sense of anxiety or nervousness and heightened levels of agitation are often associated with the illness.

Depression can be an incredibly debilitating disease. The United Nations indicates that within a few short years it will be the world’s second most destructive illness, trailing only heart disease. Because of the high stakes and potential devastation the quality of sufferers’ lives, one should approach any potential symptom seriously. This is particularly true when possible symptoms last for over two weeks, as this is a benchmark often used in the diagnosis of clinical depression.

If you or someone you know is displaying some or many of these traits, it is perfectly reasonable to immediately seek a professional opinion. Any potential symptom should be considered a warning flag justifying closer examination.

It can be difficult to discern what is a symptom of depression and what is merely a regular part of living an emotionally balanced life. However, on is always better off deferring to the possibility of illness and seeking medical advice at the earliest possible moment. You don’t have to be sure in order to justify closer inspection of any possible symptom of depression.

 Symptom of depression

Symptom of depression, Jogging in the park

Symptom of depression, Jogging in the park—Ed Yourdon (

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Depression When everything seems boring there’s a problem. Daily News Analysis. A depressed mood with its associated symptoms lasting over two weeks constitutes a Depressive Episode. There are subtypes of depression like Seasonal Affective Disorder Post-partum Depression Dysthymia etc. People may also show signs of depression.…

New View of Depression An Ailment of the Entire Body Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal. New View of Depression An Ailment of the Entire Body. Wall Street Journal. The phenomenon known as accelerated aging is beginning to reshape the field’s understanding of stress and depression not merely as psychological conditions but as body-wide illnesses in which mood may be just the most obvious symptom. and more.…

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In oppositeness mother with depression level of vexation and melancholic symptom rarely woke their baby putout of a noisiness slumber and hardly went to their infant at dark unless the babe were distressed. The researcher.…

Walking may ease depression

Physical activity has been found to reduce depressive symptoms but the researchers behind this study say that it is not known whether walking specifically has the same effect. They say however that walking can be easily.…

Physical activity has been found to reduce depressive symptoms but the researchers behind this study say that it is not known whether walking specifically has the same effect. They say however that walking can be easily.…

The use of depression medication in the treatment of mental illness is at an all-time high and there is no reason to believe it will decline in the foreseeable future. Depression is being diagnosed with increased frequency and antidepressants are the most popular means of treating the disorder. Antidepressants are extremely popularly. There are those, however, who are opposed to using depression medication.

Some argue that the research supporting the effectiveness of the pharmaceuticals is unduly influenced by the financial interests of big pharmaceutical companies. They maintain that any statement of depression medication effectiveness should be disregarded because of the corrupt nature of the medical industry. Some may temper that perspective, arguing instead that the effectiveness of the pills is simply overstated and that they are over prescribed.

There are strong arguments to be made that the medical-governmental-industrial complex tends to be self-perpetuating and may not always have the greater good at the forefront. However, the wholesale rejection of available evidence based on bias is not particularly compelling to most analysts.

Even those who think less conspiratorially may oppose the use of depression medication. One common argument raised by objectors is that the medicines do not really get at the root of the disease and instead act merely to mask its symptoms. They may state that this masking effect actually makes curing the disease or eliminating its triggers more difficult. They advocate therapy-based treatment programs and other means of getting to “the heart of the matter” instead of treating the issue with medication.

Others maintain that depression medication is simply too mysterious to be embraced. They argue that no one really understands why the medications work and that, thus, there is reason to be concerned about what they may be doing to the mind of the patient. It is true that no one truly understands exactly why all antidepressants tend to produce the results they do. However, scientific research is beginning to reach more solid conclusions which may render this objection outdated in the near future.

Others opposed to the use of antidepressants base their arguments on religious beliefs or on assessments of the severity of potential side effects associated with the use of the drugs.

Critics of antidepressants offer alternative means of treatment. They often support aggressive therapy-based solutions, the use of improved nutrition and other acts in order to fight off the symptoms of a depressive disorder. Many advocate non-traditional treatment methods or more ancient practices designed to improve mental health.

Despite a large chorus of detractors, however, the use of antidepressants continues unabated. The best available scientific evidence indicates that they are among the most successful treatment options and doctors are prescribing the medications in increasing numbers every day. It would appear as though there is little likelihood that, in the near future, critics will curtail the use of depression medication.

Depression medication

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Off-Label Drug Use Appears Common U S News World Report

‘Off-Label Drug Use Appears Common. U. S. News World Report. For example some medicines approved to treat depression are also prescribed for chronic pain. The practice which is legal but unregulated is believed to contribute to preventable medication-related harm in patients according to Dr. Tewodros Eguale and more.…

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Many studies have shown that either psychotherapy or medication can successfully treat depression. Although studies show that the long-term effects of counseling outlast medication in the short term they are fairly evenly.…

Clinical depression is a serious health problem that warrants immediate professional intervention. Depression is one of the world’s most frequently encountered maladies, and recent United Nations World Health Organization research indicates that the problem will continue to increase and will soon be the second most dangerous global medical problem, following only heart disease.

Not all depression is the same, however. A passing sense of sadness is normal for all of us. Depression exists when those normal emotions are experienced without sufficient motivation or remain after they should have passed. Clinical depression is the most severe form of the problem. Others suffer from situational depression or chronic low-grade depression (dysthymia). All incidences of depression deserve careful attention, but those experiencing clinical depression should immediately seek treatment from a qualified physician.

Situational depression is usually brought on by specific events and tends to dissipate within a few weeks. Although it may share many of the same features of clinical depression (agitation, nervousness, changes in appetite or sleeping habits, etc.), it is not as severe or long-lasting.

One may be experiencing clinical depression when their “down mood” lasts for over two weeks. Generally, those suffering from the illness are virtually unable to enjoy any part of their life. Suicidal ideation and a sense of complete hopelessness is common.

Clinical instances of depression do not necessarily require any specific trigger. However, events in one’s life can precipitate the onset of the condition. This means that episodes of depression which can seemingly be easily linked to a particular happening should not be automatically assumed to be situational in nature.

Whereas situational depression may disappear as the sufferer finds ways to cope with the problem’s triggers, clinically depressed individuals generally require professional assistance to deal with the condition. Frequently, antidepressant medications and/or therapeutic solutions are prescribed for the treatment of clinical depression. Those who fail to seek out help for their depression may experience an escalation in the severity of symptoms that will certainly undermine one’s quality of life and that can even be fatal.

All forms of depression adversely impact the quality of life for sufferers and should be taken seriously. However, clinical episodes of depression are of such tremendous potential severity that one must take action to stave off a worsening of the situation.

If you or someone you know is experiencing common symptoms associated with depression and has been in that rut for more than a few weeks, medical intervention should be immediately sought. The age-old stigma regarding mental illness in our society should not be an excuse to avoid seeking treatment. Not only are those biases beginning to disappear as the extent of the depression epidemic becomes more widely known, the stakes are simply too high to justify such behavior. The condition can be successfully treated. Thousands of people recover from the illness and go on to live happy, well-adjusted lives after dealing with clinical depression.

 Clinical depression vs situational depression

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Depression—Eddi van W (

Depression blood test may lead to better treatment CBS News

CBS News. Depression blood test may lead to better treatment. CBS News. Credit Flickr Public15 CBS News Researchers are hopeful that diagnosing depression may soon be as easy as diagnosing high cholesterol. A new study describes a blood test that that distinguished depression among teenagers. Depression tied to stroke Using a Blood Test Researchers ID Depression in TeensABC News. Scientists develop first blood test to diagnose depressionFox News. Blood Test for Teen Depression Under StudyWebMD. Huffington Post. all 25 news articles.…

Depressed moms disturb their babies sleep study

TIME. Depressed moms disturb their babies sleep study. By MyHealthNewsDaily staff The results show depressed mothers are more likely to needlessly wake up their infants at night than mothers who are not depressed the researchers said. When depressed mothers sought out their infants at night Depressed Moms Disrupt Baby’s SleepWebMD. Depressed Moms May Hinder Babies SleepU. S. News World Report. Depressed Moms May Disrupt Baby’s SleepMedical News Today. TIME WBUR KETK. all 76 news articles.…

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NU Researcher Develops Blood Test For Depression CBS Chicago

A Chicago neuroscientist says she has developed the first blood test to diagnose depression in teenagers.…

When Dad Has Postpartum Depression World of Psychology

Moms aren’t the only ones who struggle with postpartum depression. Dads struggle too. In this 2010 meta-analysis published in The Journal of the American.…

Many people suffer from high anxiety. Symptom awareness can help them to recognize that they have a serious medical condition and are not just “high strung.” Panic disorders are a common psychological problem with potentially devastating effects on the quality of one’s life. Recognizing the symptoms of an anxiety attack can result in sufferers seeking out the treatment they need.

A commonly experienced anxiety symptom is feeling dizzy or lightheaded. If you feel that way during anxious moments, you may want to consider it a warning sign. This is a particularly dangerous symptom, because the loss of balance it produces can lead to falls and other accidents.

Another anxiety symptom is feeling as though you cannot breathe. This is a common symptom among those diagnosed with panic disorders and can be quite frightening. Victims feel as though they are unable to catch their breath or as if they are somehow being smothered. If you experience periods of this sort, you will definitely want to consider discussing your situation with a physician.

Others suffering from panic disorders will experience shakes or tremors. These involuntary movements can be very frightening and create an increased risk of accident. Nervous tics are one thing, but tremors and shakes related to anxiety are another. They should be taken as a sign that something may be wrong.

Anxiety sufferers often experience a sensation that something is crawling all over them during anxious periods. The sensation is often described as being akin to having ants or other small insects patrolling the body. It is a very uncomfortable sensation that can paralyze one with fear.

A particularly scary anxiety symptom is the feeling that one is experiencing a heart attack or some other intense chest pain. Many panic attack sufferers have been absolutely certain their death was imminent while in the midst of an attack. The pain, although lacking a physiological basis, can be quite real and very frightening. That fear serves to intensify one’s anxiety, making it part of a horribly vicious circle.

There are, of course, other symptoms. One of the interesting things about panic disorders is that different individuals will experience different manifestations of the problem. While some may sweat profusely during an attack, someone else may note chills as an anxiety symptom.

The important thing to remember is that if you experience particularly anxious times when you feel fears, that in retrospect seem disproportionate or other physical reflections of your anxiety, you may have a diagnosable panic disorder. Fortunately, a variety of treatment options is available for those who experience anxiety attacks. Thus, it makes perfect sense to immediately consult with a medical professional if you feel you may have a problem.

Recognizing some of the common symptoms of disproportionate anxiety may give you the impetus to seek help. That help may allow you to move on with your life without have to be concerned that another terrifying anxiety symptom will emerge uncontrollably.

Anxiety symptom

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Social anxiety disorder goes beyond occasional nervousness Chicago Tribune

Social anxiety disorder goes beyond occasional nervousness. Chicago Tribune. Worry about reacting in ways that you know are out of proportion to the situation or being afraid that others will notice that you look anxious. The anxiety you feel may cause physical signs and symptoms of nervousness and fear. and more.…

At-Home Program Decreases Anxiety Sensitivity blog

At-Home Program Decreases Anxiety Sensitivity. blog Individuals who struggle with anxiety often exhibit symptoms of anxiety sensitivity AS AS is a persistent fear of the negative symptoms of anxiety and can exacerbate the current state of their anxiety and lead to panic attacks and debilitation.…

A recent study points toward a new way of fighting hospital anxiety: acupuncture. The study used acupuncture around the ears of mothers of children undergoing surgical procedures and discovered that the process not only made things easier for the moms, but for the children, as well.

A relatively small test group of mothers whose children would be undergoing surgery in the site hospital was given an acupuncture treatment around the ear using small needles. The mothers later reported a significant reduction in their level of anxiety. Acupuncture did not just work for the moms, however, their relative calm and lack of worry had an impact on their children, too.

A calm mother, it seems, tends to produce a less anxious child. This certainly appeared to be the case of the kids whose moms had underwent the treatment. They experienced far less anxiety. Acupuncture for their mothers allowed them to have a more relaxing and less stressful experience in the hospital and prior to surgery. Children often have a very difficult time, in terms of anxiety, with surgery. They experience all of the fears adults do, but without the experience and understanding that allow older people to approach the situation more calmly and rationally.

This finding is potentially significant for a few reasons. Initially, it demonstrates that there may be another weapon in the war against anxiety. Acupuncture seems to have a very real impact on stress levels and holds out a great deal of promise for reducing anxious feelings and worries. The research is confirming the long held beliefs of many in Eastern countries whose civilizations have long practiced acupuncture and consider it a traditional part of their medicine.

Additionally, the surgical procedure can be improved by reducing anxiety. Acupuncture for the parents made the surgical experience less trying for the children. The reduction in pre-procedure stress and its usually attendant crying and outbursts allowed those responsible for the children’s care to better concentrate on the surgical procedure and medical matters. Medical professionals were able to spend more time and thought on the surgery and less on anxiety. Acupuncture for the parents of children slated for surgeries may be a great idea for hospitals everywhere.

Finally, everyone would agree that making the frightening and trying experience of a medical procedure easier for children is a positive. If, by calming parents, children can have a less horrifying stay at the hospital and in preparation for surgery, it is of benefit regardless of whether or not it dramatically assists healthcare providers.

The acupuncture process itself was relatively painless, featuring a handful of very small needles placed around the ears. Most study participants were surprised that the very small devices were able to have such a significant impact on their mindset and behavior. The research, which was conducted by a physician at the Yale School of Medicine, shows us that there might be a relatively easy way to significantly reduce hospital waiting room anxiety: Acupuncture.


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Cast all your anxiety—Lel4nd (

Anxiety a very modern malaise Anxiety a very modern malaise Anxiety a very modern malaise. In fact it was the start of an anxiety disorder that was to become her new reality and to dominate her twenties. After finally sleeping she awoke disorientated and petrified a state that continued for more than three years in which waves of panic and more.…

Journey to Well-Being New Light on Yoga for Depression and Anxiety Huffington Post blog

Journey to Well-Being New Light on Yoga for Depression and Anxiety. Huffington Post blog If we know how the body can be an important gateway for balancing everyday moods establishing greater emotional resiliency and for relieving anxiety and depression. Indeed it is central to any system of natural health such as Ayurveda and Chinese.…

The Beck Anxiety Inventory is a twenty one question quiz given to mental health patients in an effort to discriminate anxiety from depression. Both anxiety and depression have many similar symptoms, and the Beck Anxiety Inventory was developed in response to a need for a tool that would allow clinicians to determine whether a patient is displaying symptoms of one disorder or another.

The test itself consists of twenty one distinct questions. Each of the questions reflects a common anxiety symptom. The patient is asked to how much the symptom in question has bothered them over the course of the previous week. Answers are given in numerical form on a four point scale (0-3). The answers are tallied at the conclusion of administering the Beck Anxiety Inventory, yielding a score that will range from zero to sixty three.

The Beck diagnnositc, which is published by The Psychological Corporation, has been used on thousands of occasions to differentiate depression and anxiety. Clinicians feel it has a very high level of reliability. Testing on the Beck Anxiety Inventory also shows it to have a very high level of validity. These factors have made it a one of the most popular batteries of questions professionals can use to help with the diagnosis of a patient who may be anxious, depressed, or both.

The Beck Anxiety Inventory is also a popular tool due to its efficiency. The test can be given in a relatively short period of time, as it features only twenty one questions. The scoring technique is very simple, allowing professionals to quickly understand circumstances and likely diagnoses. After a single quiz session with a patient and a quick tabulation of results, the psychology professional will be armed with valuable information to help determine an effective course of treatment.

Although the simplicity of the test would make it relatively easy to use for an amateur, anyone who exhibits symptoms of either depression or anxiety should seek professional guidance and assistance. Self-diagnosis via tools like the Beck battery may be interesting for the amateur clinician who is concerned about his or her own well-being, but those with problems will certainly benefit a great deal more by discussing their concerns with a professional. One should not confuse the ease of the Beck test’s use as a justification for self-diagnoses.

Determining whether someone is depressed or is suffering from an anxiety disorder can be difficult. Many of the symptoms overlap. Optimal treatment, however, requires being able to distinguish between the two conditions. This need gave birth to the Beck Inventory, which is used frequently today by experts who need to understand “what they are looking at” quickly and clearly. Whenever one displays symptoms that could be related to either of the two common mental health problems (anxiety and depression), they are likely to be asked the twenty one question series known as the Beck Anxiety Inventory..


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Life Inventory Greater Self-Understanding for All Aspects of Life prMac press release

Life Inventory Greater Self-Understanding for All Aspects of Life. prMac press release While requiring a significant investment of time the Inventory allows users to analyze their reactions to People Institutions and Organizations Principles Ideals and Beliefs Sources of Anxiety and Excitement Fears and Sex Relations.…

Music Interventions Improve Anxiety Pain in Cancer Patients Family Practice News Digital Network

Family Practice News Digital Network. Music Interventions Improve Anxiety Pain in Cancer Patients. Family Practice News Digital Network. Collectively they showed that music interventions achieved statistically and clinically meaningful reductions in anxiety scores with median to large effect sizes. For example mean scores on the State Trait Anxiety Inventory fell by a mean of 11.2.…

somage Beck anxiety inventory scoring somage Beck anxiety inventory scoring

Beck anxiety inventory scoring. Reliability an experiences rated from the good tool. Rating scales can be used by patients with rating. Online about health symptoms and the screening tools and depth of asks. Nonanxious.…

Anxiety neurosis“ is a term used to describe an elevated and/or disproportionate fear or sense of anxiousness. Humans experience anxiety for a reason: self-protection. The body naturally releases adrenaline and cortisone into our systems at times of potential danger or when concern is justified. This natural process allows us to better face dangers and threats. However, some people have a very hard time differentiating between rational concerns that warrant increased attention and every day events that do not justify a heightened level of fear. These people, who are unable to control their mind’s and body’s manufacture and recognition of anxiety, are said to have “anxiety neurosis.”

The symptoms associated with anxiety neurosis vary with the individual. In some cases, one may experience little more than a general sense of anxiousness or concern (even when it is not really necessary). In other, more severe cases, the individual in question may experience a host of debilitating symptoms including shortness of breath, dizziness, tremors and hot flashes.

Other often-experienced symptoms include chest pain (many victims have truly believed their death from a heart attack was imminent), a sense of having insects crawling all over one’s body, paralysis, stuttering and an overwhelming sense of terror that may result in a temporary complete breakdown into hysteria. Although the symptoms and their severity vary a great deal between victims, the bottom line is always the same: panic disorders and anxiety attacks are miserable experiences.

Anxiety neurosis is not just a matter of being a little “on edge” or “tightly wound.” It can, and often does, have a very negative effect on one’s quality of life. Living in fear is a horrible fate for anyone, and particularly when that fear has little or no rational basis to underlie it. A little trepidation in the face of potential danger is healthy. A disproportionate concern, on the other hand, can be quite destructive. This is why anyone who feels as if they are consistently bothered by anxiety even when they have to logical reason to be, should consult with a medical professional to evaluate their condition and whether or not a treatment plan is in order. Many people who once suffered with very intense panic attacks are able to lead very normal lives after seeking medical assistance for this mental health concern.

Anxiety neurosis can be treated in many different ways. It is unnecessary for anyone to simply “suffer through” a life featuring irrational fear and concern. Medical professionals can handle anxiety neurosis with therapy and/or medication. There are also traditional and holistic treatments such as acupuncture that may be of benefit for some of those suffering from the problem. If you are concerned that you may suffer with the problem, seek immediate treatment. There is no reason to live your life with an untreated case of anxiety neurosis.

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She’s Just Too Neurotic Huffington Post blog

She’s Just Too Neurotic. Huffington Post blog In my practice I have the privilege of working with married people whose neurosis albeit romantic and laden with fascination tends to interfere in their love lives. Beset with anxiety worry insecurity and intelligence the neurotic can’t be.…

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Where Have All the Neurotics Gone New York Times. Yet one modern American type is slipping into the past without a rattle or even its familiar whimper the neurotic. For a generation of postwar middle-class Americans being neurotic meant something more than merely being anxious and something other Is Neurotic The New Normal blog all 2 news articles.…


In 1926 in Inhibitions Symptoms and Anxiety Freud laid out how was the nucleus of the neurosis and the foundational source of all art.…

Combat stress reaction

3 If the disability is anxiety neurosis of a severe type. 4 If the disability is a mental breakdown or psychosis requiring treatment in.…

Toddler separation anxiety refers to the tendency of many small children to become anxious or upset when they are not with their parents or primary caregiver. Although there are instances when anxiety becomes exceptionally intense and may signify a real problem, toddler separation anxiety, is generally a normal part of growing up. Although it is a normal phase in childhood development, it can be problematic (not to mention heart-wrenching for parents who are leaving their child for only a few hours!). If your toddler has a predilection toward “freaking out” when you leave, consider these popular methods of fighting toddler separation anxiety.

Security Blanket

One of the most effective was to deal with separation anxiety is with the use of a “transitional” item. Your child is given a toy, blanket or other comforting item prior to the moment of separation. A well-chosen transitional item can be quite soothing and can often prevent crying jags and other outbreaks often associated with toddler separation anxiety.

Laying Groundwork

If parents plan to leave a child for an extended period and worry about the likelihood of separation anxiety, they may want to “prime the pump” in advance by leaving for shorter times. Children can learn that absences are temporary and if the parents lengthen the time of each departure, even the anxious shock of a long separation may be mitigated.


Any time a parent leaves a child who exhibits toddler separation anxiety; it is wise for him or her to offer verbal reassurances to the child that they will soon return. This reminds the child of the temporary nature of the absence and prevents them from being concerned about a long-term or permanent separation.

Resisting Stealth

Many parents try to avoid the tears and cries of toddler separation anxiety by sneaking away when the child is otherwise occupied with his or her babysitter. That may be a great way of preventing an emotionally trying departure, but the plan tends to backfire. They child may feel betrayed or his or her feelings of concerned intensified when it is realized that mommy and daddy are nowhere to be seen and he or she has been left with another caretaker. Resist the urge to take the “easy way out.”

These four strategies can form the basis of a good plan for fighting off separation anxiety problems and scenes. If these approaches, used in combination, still fail to produce results, parents may simply have to “wait it out” or may want to investigate other tested strategies.

Childhood separation issues are quite common and unless the situation is completely out of control, one does not need to be too worried about the matter. As time passes, experience teaches children that temporary separations are, indeed, temporary. A toddler’s fits will soon be replaced by a simple “see you later” as toddler separation anxiety naturally runs its course and fades away.

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Separation Anxieties is a 2000 album by 12 Rods It was the band’s third full length album. Track listing Kaboom 4 00

Panic disorder

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by recurring severe panic separation anxiety disorder generalized anxiety disorder.…

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56. Get enough exercise.

If you want to get pregnant, you should condition your body for it. One of the things to do is to get enough exercise. There is no need to go through intensive forms of workout routines. Just keep it light, as long as it can control your fats. It is best to keep your body fat down, since excessive amounts of it can disturb your reproductive cycle.

57. Buy a book about pregnancy.

Buying a book about pregnancy is one of the things that you should be doing soon, if you want to get pregnant. The book would not just educate you on the things that you can do to conceive a child, but it would also tell you more about the things that you can experience when you become pregnant. By doing that, you would be well educated about it, which can also make you more aware of what you are trying to accomplish.

58. Become motivated in making healthy changes.

If you have committed yourself to make healthy changes in your life in order to become pregnant, you should have the motivation for it. To achieve that, you should request your spouse to join you in making the changes. When you do it together, making healthy changes would become easier to attain. Aside from that, it would also strengthen your relationship.

59. Kiss and makeup.

Although it is not a good idea to pick a fight with your spouse when you try to get pregnant, one advantage of it is when you reconcile. Kiss and makeup as soon as you can after a fight, so that you can increase your chances of conceiving a baby. One of the best things about making love after a fight is that, you and your spouse would usually be more passionate about it.

60. Talk about getting pregnant with your spouse.

Talking about getting pregnant with your partner is not a bad idea. This is because; it can open up discussions about the things that you want to do in order to achieve your dream of having a child. With that, you would both become more excited in making your plans into reality, which would be beneficial for both of you.

56 to 79 Getting Pregnant Tips

61. Smoke cessation.

Smoke cessation is a vital step that you need to take, in order to get pregnant. This is because substances in cigarettes can decrease your fertility levels. Aside from that, if you get pregnant, your baby may not have the best health while developing in your womb if you still smoke. Thus, it is time to put a stop to your smoking habit, so that you can get pregnant soon.

62. Do not forget to take prenatal vitamin.

Even before getting pregnant, it is also a good idea to take prenatal vitamins for it. This is because, it does no only ensure that your baby would become healthy. When you take a prenatal supplement, especially one that is loaded with folic acid, your health would not just be boosted, but also your fertility.

63. Track or monitor your cycles.

Tracking or monitoring your menstrual cycles is a good way to follow in order to get pregnant. This is because, it can help you determine the dates when you ovulate. Aside from that, it can also help you determine the date of being conceived. Thus, when you track it, it would not just help in getting you pregnant, but also help in determining accurate due dates.

64. Finding a new practitioner.

Even if you are not pregnant yet, if you know that you need to find a new practitioner, then it is best if you can do your search really soon. This is because, your practitioner, can help by giving you tips in getting pregnant. Aside from that, if you find one before getting pregnant, then by the time that you are, you would already be comfortable in working with her.

65. Talk to friends about pregnancy.

Talking to your friends about pregnancy, giving birth, as well as becoming a parent. This way, you would be able to learn a lot of facts about it. By learning more about these things, you would have a better way of deciding whether you really want to get pregnant soon or not.

66. Be aware of harmful chemicals.

There are certain chemicals that may be harmful to you and your baby. These substances can be found at your place or at work. It is best to know what types of chemicals are in your surroundings, and see if they can harm you or your baby. If they can, then it is best to avoid any contact with them, so that you would be safe as well as your baby.

67. Brush your teeth more frequently.

When you get pregnant, it is very possible that your teeth could get weakened, especially if you are not able to supplement your body with lots of calcium. Thus, it is best to take good care of it, while you are not pregnant yet. With that, if you and your spouse are trying to conceive a baby today, then it is best to see your dentist, and practice good oral hygiene.

68. Stop drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol can actually bring down your fertility levels by 50 percent according to recent studies. Thus, you should stop drinking alcoholic beverages as soon as possible. This should not be practiced by you alone, but your spouse should also be aware of it.

69. Tell medical professionals about your goals.

It is best to tell any medical professional that you come across with that you are trying to get pregnant. This is because, if one is not aware, then he may subject you to tests and chemicals, which can harm the baby. By telling the medical professional of the possibility that you are pregnant, you are ensuring that your baby would be safe.

70. Load up on calcium.

Make sure that your vitamin-mineral supplement is loaded with calcium. This is because, once you have a child inside your body, he or she will make use of your calcium supply in order to get his skeletal system developed well. Thus, if you lack calcium, then your bones and teeth may suffer once you get pregnant.

71. Think that you are pregnant.

Act like you are pregnant, if you want to get pregnant. This is because, it is very possible that you are already carrying a child in your womb without knowing it yet. Thus, if you think that you are already pregnant, then you would be able to avoid certain things like drinking alcohol and smoking easier.

72. Make sure your vitamin supplement contains phosphorus and vitamin D.

Calcium is actually one of the nutrients that would be needed by your body once you get pregnant. However, your body needs adequate amounts of phosphorus and the sunlight vitamin, in order to absorb calcium well. Thus, you must see to it that your supplement contains these nutrients, so that your body can utilize calcium.

73. Make a calendar of activities.

You and your spouse should come up with a calendar of activities, in order for you to get pregnant. This will allow you to properly plan out every step that you want to take into becoming a pregnant woman. Aside from that, by making a calendar for the things that you want to do, it would serve as your guidance, in order to achieve what you want.

74. Start your own blog about pregnancy.

If you want to become more motivated in getting pregnant, then you can actually start a free blog about pregnancy for it. When you create a blog, it is very possible for likeminded individuals to post their comments on it, which can help you attain your goals. Aside from that, you can also ask some of them for questions, in order for you to become pregnant soon.

75. Avoid eating processed foods.

Processed foods are usually loaded with toxins as well as empty calories, which can make you fat as well as put your health at risk. Thus, it is best to check out your refrigerator, and see to it that you don’t have processed foods left. Focus more on natural foods, so that you would become healthier, which can help you in getting pregnant fast.

76. Drink 8 glasses of water each day.

Drinking adequate amounts of water each day ensures that you are well hydrated. Aside from that, it also helps in flushing out free radicals from your body. In other words, drinking 8 glasses per day would boost your health; and, with better body condition, you should be able to get pregnant very soon.

77. Having sex every day.

Some people think that having sex every day can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. However, this is actually untrue. The reason for that is, men can actually replenish their whole supply of sperm in a 24 hour period. In other words, if you make love to your spouse every day, then he is well equipped with good sperm count that can get you pregnant soon.

78. Don’t go on a strict diet.

There are certain diet programs today that are strict and can make you consume lesser amounts of calories than you need. This is actually not a good program to follow when you try to get pregnant. This is because, eating lesser amounts of calories can actually lower down your body’s metabolism; and, when that happens, you may no longer have enough energy to have sex with your partner as often as you want.

79. Go natural.

Whenever you feel heartburn, constipated, or nausea, it is always best to go with natural remedies for it. This is because; natural means of solving these problems would not lower down your fertility levels. Aside from that, you don’t want to take any kind of medication when you want to get pregnant, since it is also possible that you are already pregnant without being aware of it.

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