Wrapping Up 

You can be a success and achieve positive results. Just keep some of these tips in mind and you are sure to reach your goals. Hopefully this book has given you the tools to be on you way to success with being anger free.

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Controlling the best within you and be the master of your emotions

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Chapter 1:

Getting To The Source Of Anger

Chapter 2:

Stop Your Anger Effectively

Chapter 3:

Get Rid Of Fear That’s Causing Anger

Chapter 4:

Depression Leads To Rage

 Chapter 5:

Organizing And Simplifying Your Life

Chapter 6:

Calm Your Anger With Meditation

Chapter 7:

Letting Go Of Blame

Chapter 8:

Communicate Clearly To Avoid Conflict

 Chapter 9:

Maintain A Positive Mindset

Chapter 10:

Remove Negative Associations With NLP

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