A mole skin tag is a piece of skin that extends off of the surface of your skin. It is flesh colored and looks like a birthmark, but is in fact a mole. A mole skin tag is benign or non cancerous and they usually are hereditary. There is no specific known cause for a mole skin tag, but many factors seem to play a part in their development. They seem to develop in those who are middle aged, who are obese, in people with Type 2 Diabetes, and seem to be caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (the same virus that causes warts to develop). It may be important to increase the Immune System and build up natural resistance against the Human Papilloma Virus in an effort to lower the susceptibility of a mole skin tag

A mole skin tag may appear on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin, or back. Though they are harmless, many people opt to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. A skin tag may be removed by freezing, cutting it off, even by tying the base of the skin tag with a piece of thread.

If you have a mole skin tag that you would like removed, then you should make an appointment with your dermatologist for a consultation. It is important to note that since a skin tag is a harmless growth and benign, insurance will not cover the cost of having it removed. Therefore make sure that you discuss the cost and full understand the financial obligation you will have for the removal procedure. If there is a financial need, you should ask your dermatologist about any billing procedures or payment plans that they may offer. Many doctors will gladly arrange a payment plan before your scheduled procedure.

During your consultation, you should discuss which method would be most beneficial to remove the skin tag in its entirety. Excision is always an option. This is the method of simply cutting the skin tag off. Many dermatologists are now using what is known as Electro Cauterization. This procedure cauterizes the blood vessels while cutting the skin tag off, minimizing any bleeding. Cryotherapy is another option. With Cryotherapy, the dermatologist covers the skin tag with Liquid Nitrogen, which freezes the skin tag and causes it to fall off. The area is bandaged and then when the bandage is removed, the skin tag has fallen off. You may need to apply a local antibiotic to the area while it continues to heal.

Though generally, skin tags are harmless, they may sometimes become painful. There is a slight possibility that they can become cancerous, but this is rare. It is important however, to see your dermatologist if you notice any changes in your skin tags or moles. Most moles look very similar and many benign skin lesions can mimic skin cancer in appearance. In fact, many moles can easily be mistaken for a Basal Cell Carcinoma. The only way to be sure that your mole skin tag is benign is to have it examined by your dermatologist.

What is a mole skin tag

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  1. Melie

    Lucky for me that I don’t have mole skin tag. It’s not pretty to look at. That would mean a lot of attention if somebody have it at their face.

  2. Hannah

    Mole skin tag are very uneasy in my part. It is painful sometimes and not good to look at. I don’t know why some of my friends like my mole skin tag as an asset.


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