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There is nothing worse than either smelling someone’s bad breath or having it yourself. You can easily scare people away from you just because of stinky breath. If this is your situation, are you aware of the various bad breath home remedies? There are many that can help make the breath smell sweeter.

The first home remedy is to simply brush and floss the teeth in between meals. Since food left in between the teeth can leave a lingering odor, or decay and cause bacteria, this is always recommended to prevent bad breath. There are toothpastes that contain baking soda or mouthwashes too which both help too. Rinse with a special mouthwash after brushing to really freshen up your breath. Mixing myrrh gum, calendula and sage extracts will make an effective natural mouthwash.

Along with brushing your teeth though, you should get a tongue scrapper. The tongue can trap all sorts of little particles of food that soon turn to bacteria. Scrapping the tongue helps to prevent this.

Another one of the good bad breath home remedies is eating parsley. This is the green garnish that is often served on top of dishes. It makes your breath fresher, because it contains chlorophyll. Parsley also provides your body with important nutrients too.

Chewing on some mint leaves out of your garden is also a good way to make your breath smell nicer. Of course there are a variety of products with mint in it too designed for this same purpose.

Spices and herbs other than mint can make your breath fresh. Fennel, anise or clove seeds are just three examples of these. Carry some with you when you are away from home.

Avoid drinking certain beverages that can have lingering odors. Wine, liquors and eve coffee can make your breath smell funky. Stay away from them for this one of the bad breath home remedies.

Chewing certain types of gums will refresh your breath. There are ones made for cleaning the teeth and freshening up the breath without causing cavities.

Quit smoking if you do it. This, above all else, makes breath have a bad odor. It is a bad habit for more than just making the breath foul, it causes health problems.

Apples can be a good fruit to eat to cleanse your breath. They can eliminate the bacteria, which causes bad breath.

Now if these remedies do not help you with your breath issue, then you need to check out further causes. Throat infections, diabetes and bad teeth will make for bad odors from the mouth. These will have to be treated for your breath to get better. So a trip to the doctor might be called for.

Just know that whether it is the bad breath home remedies, or the doctor you have to turn to, there is help for bad breath. No one needs to go around with smelly breath. There are things to help out there, so search for a solution to this problem. read more about bad breath

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Bad Breath in Children and Why it Happens

It is not unusual for bad breath in children to happen. The technical name for bad breath is halitosis. This involves air coming through the nasal cavities or mouth that smells foul, instead of pleasant. We think of this problem more in adults than in children, but it can happen to anyone. Let’s look at the reason for this condition occurs in kids.

When the mouth goes too dry bacteria can grow quickly. Kids sleep so much as part of their growth process that their mouths can dry out, while they sleep. So they wake up with what is called morning breath. Mom goes into the children’s room to wake them up and she gets alarmed that their breath is so bad. However, this can be normal.

Actually in adults, bad breath can occur for much more serious problems than in kids. With children they do not always take the time to brush their teeth correctly. They hurry up and get it done so they can watch their video before bedtime. In the morning they whiz through brushing their teeth to get to school. As a parent help your children clean their teeth and mouth more thoroughly to help prevent the bad breath.

Is the bad breath in children happening for other reasons than we have mentioned though. Yes, sometimes the kids can have sinus drainage. This goes down the back of the throat and tongue. The tongue is designed in such a way as to trap a lot of bacteria. If the tongue is not cleaned of these bacteria, they will grow and start to give off sulfur odor. This is sort of like the smell of rotten eggs. Yes, and it is coming out of your children’s mouth.

Children can have tonsillitis. This is when the tonsils become inflamed. When this happens the breath can smell bad. Once the inflammation goes away the breath smells much better. Sometime this is so severe or happens so often though, that the tonsils have to be surgically removed before the breath is sweeter smelling.

Bad teeth or gums can cause bad breath in children and adults. Regular cleanings and checkups with the dentist, is the way to prevent this reason for foul breath. Proper dental care is a must to keep teeth and gums healthy. If parents are not careful with their children’s teeth the problem can go passed just the baby ones into the permanent ones. This is something that no parent wants to happen.

With kids one must go easy when bad breath is discovered. They do not need to be made self-conscious about the problem. So parents should not overreact. There should be discussions about why it important to have nice-smelling breath. Also parents should look for the reasons for the bad breath.

The bad breath in children can be solved. Parents just have to find out the cause for it. Then together with their kids they can work towards a solution. learn more about this at bad breath

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Bad breath can sometimes make people suffering from it want to become reclusive, not ever going around other people again for fear of embarrassment. That is not something that should be considered however, because there are treatments that can be used to get rid of the odor, at least for a short period of time. Bad breath pills are one of the products that are offered to help eliminate the causes of this condition.

While there are a number of different causes of halitosis, there are even more reported cures that a person can try when searching to eliminate this distressing problem. Since there are so many causes, the first thing that someone who thinks they may have bad breath should do is to assess the condition to determine where the bad odors are coming from.

Many believe that assessing any physical condition should be left to the experts, and that may be true since some medical conditions can cause halitosis. Others believe that there should be bad breath pills that will take care of this very annoying problem. Well, there are some claims that there are some types of pills that will remedy bad breath.

These bad breath pills include such ingredients as charcoal and chlorophyll, which when ingested are purported to cure the underlying cause of bad breath. While in some cases this may be true, but the overwhelming evidence shows that bad breath comes from the oral cavity and not deep within the body.

There is no doubt that there will be many other products that enter the market over the long term, and they will all report that there is great evidence to support their claims. However, there is not way that any one product, including bad breath pills that will ever provide a cure for every individual suffering from halitosis.

Peritonitis, gingivitis, decayed teeth, and many other disorders of the mouth are all medical causes of bad breath, so it is understandable that bad breath pills will never be able to effectively cause a cure for these. Other causes, like bacteria buildup on the tongue will also not be affected by a mere pill taken once or twice a day.

Anyone suffering from this distressing condition is always searching for that final cure that will prevent them from ever having to deal with bad breath again. It seems that if there were a sure bet that bad breath pills would exact such a cure, there would be many more people using it and recommending this cure to all of their friends.

While there will always be the incidence of bad breath, as long as there are people and bacteria existing on this planet, there will also be people searching for a cure to this embarrassing problem. The search is on, and with the many options available, there is something for everyone, but not everything will work for everyone.

Bad Breath Pills, Do They Work?

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Bad Breath Causes and Solutions press release Bad Breath Causes and Solutions. press release Some causes of bad breath are obvious foods and beverages that have strong odors are absorbed into your bloodstream and eventually carried to your lungs. This means that the onion you had for lunch or the coffee you had at breakfast will continue to.…

When you have post nasal drip bad breath there are two problems to deal with. You have to not only deal with the nasal drip, but the aftermath of it, the bad breath issue. This occurs because of bacteria that are fed by the mucus for the sinuses. These bacteria thrive on the back of your tongue or throat and they produce foul odors.

This nasal drip can also bring on a sore throat or throat infections. Then there is more post nasal drip bad breath. It can be an ongoing problem especially when you have chronic sinus issues. So you must tackle the sinus problems first before the bad breath is solved.

Consult with your doctor to see what he recommends to dry up the drip. Sometimes antihistamines are called for. These could be just the over-the-counter types or for the worse cases prescription-strength ones.

Once the sinus mucus is gone you can go about getting rid of the bacteria it caused. Scrap your tongue for one thing. You can use some apple cider vinegar for a gargling agent, for a natural way to eliminate some of the bacteria. These two things can be done together for maximum effect.

While you are trying to make the bacteria go away, which might take more than a day; you can use mints and other aids to sweeten your breath. Carry these with you while you are out in public so you are more confident talking to people. Being self-conscious about your breath can harm your social and work life.

If you are used to dealing with sinus problems, you might think that is your life, but it does not have to be that way. Do you really want to keep having post nasal drip bad breath? Of course you don’t! An ears-nose-and-throat doctor is a specialist in helping with chronic problems like post-nasal-drip.

You can very quickly have better-smelling breath once the issue of the sinus drainage is addressed. If the breath does not get better, look for other reasons for it. There are other medical conditions that cause a foul-smelling breath. Diabetes is one of them, tonsillitis is another. Get a thorough checkup at your doctor’s to discover if you have any other problems.

Bad teeth are a huge reason for the breath to smell bad. Get your teeth checked regula rly at the dentist. The hygienist will clean your teeth good and X-rays will be taken to see if there are any problems that need to be treated.


Now you know some things to do about post nasal drip bad breath. You can look drop-dead gorgeous, but if your looks are ruined by the foul smell coming from your mouth, it will spoil the impression your leave on people. So check out these possible actions you can take. Make that breath smell fresh as spring again, instead of like a trash can. Believe some bad breath does smell totally trashy!

Nasal Drip Bad Breath


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Bad breath, Mouth 2

Bad breath, Mouth 2—AlishaV (

Nasal irrigation Nasal irrigation or nasal lavage or nasal douche is the personal hygiene practice See also Post-nasal drip Neti Hatha Yoga.…

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If you suffer from bad breath toothpaste can help somewhat. Brushing your teeth on a regular basis is after all part of the solution to controlling how your breath smells. There are various brands and formulas of these toothpastes the promise fresher breath. However, you should know that they are only temporary and the effects of using them might not even last till you next meal.

This is because the bacteria in your mouth, which release sulfur compounds just starts back growing as soon as it can. The other thing besides using the bad breath toothpaste to do, is scrap the whole surface of the tongue with a special device made for it. This will remove bacteria from the back of the tongue, where it likes to thrive and cause foul smells to seep into your breath.

Good oral care at home needs to be backed up with visits to the dentist. A trip to him includes a professional cleaning, X-rays and treatments of problems with the teeth and gums. When they are having issues this can make larger amounts of sulfur to be produced. Therefore, solving these issues helps to control breath odor.

Now watch how much alcoholic beverages you consume. The smell of them can linger and even last till the next day. The overwhelming odor a person gives off when they have drunk a lot can knock your socks off. Do you really want to smell this way?

Garlic is a real bad food for creating bad breath. Since it is a source of sulfur compounds it not only causes foul-smelling breath, but its sulfur compounds enter your lungs. You usually can only mask this smell until it dissipates on its own. If you are eating garlic together with other people though, no one will mind. However, if you are trying to impress someone leave off all garlic. The bad breath toothpaste will not help that much after garlic has been eaten, for the reasons above.

Coffee leaves an odor behind this is another beverage to avoid if you are concerned about how your breath smells. Any number of other things causes a problem too. The spicy foods we have so come to love can make your breath stink. Peppers, onions, we have already mentioned garlic and more can cause that lingering after odor that people do not wish to smell. If you choose to eat these foods, you do risk offending someone talking to them. So be aware of this fact.

You can see by this article that along with using bad breath toothpaste, you also need to do other things to keep your breath nice. Remember, this type of toothpaste is good for a limited amount of time after brushing, and then the bacteria and sulfur compounds are back kicking up a stink in your mouth. Having pleasant-smelling breath is an ongoing process. You can’t work on it one day, and then ignore it the next, because bad breath can return quickly.

 When You have Bad Breath Toothpaste can Help

Bad Breath Toothpaste can Help – info

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Bad Breath Gum, Are They Effective? and more

There are many things that cause distress in the lives of people today, and one of them is bad breath. Like everything else that disturbs us in life products have been developed that are designed to address bad breath, one of those is bad breath gum. These types of gum work in a couple of different ways. The first way is to mask the bad breath with a more pleasant odor while it is being chewed, while the other way is to get rid of some of the bacteria that cause the foul smell.

Another aspect of chewing bad breath gum is that it increases the production of saliva which in itself cleanses the mouth and therefore reduces the effects of bacteria buildup. Any time that bacteria builds up there will be a bad odor associated with it. Since bacteria are naturally present in the digestive tract of humans, and that includes the mouth, odor will be present if that bacterium multiplies too much. This is the reason more moisture in the mouth is beneficial.

When chewing bad breath gum, there is a temporary relief from the symptoms of bacteria buildup, but you cannot rely on this to be a cure for the problem. The reason these gums work is that they are produced with scents that are said to be fresh and are usually mint or cinnamon in flavor. Everyone likes these scents and enjoy the flavor as they chew as well. While this chewing action may clean the breath for a short time, it will be necessary to pop another piece in your mouth frequently in order to maintain the benefits derived.

However, there are some bad breath gums on the market today that are produced using essential oils, and although the effects last longer, they are still not a cure for halitosis. Since bad breath is caused by an overproduction of bacteria, and some mouths are more prone to this buildup, anything that can be done to reduce that buildup is preferred even if it does not completely eliminate the problem.

There is a world of different products that claim to be the best cure for something that occurs in many people throughout the world. Bad breath gum is just one of those products, and depending on whom you ask you will get a lot of different answers as to the effectiveness of each of the products.

In every instance of treatment plans for bad breath you will find that it all boils down to preference. Some people will carry a tooth brush with them everywhere they go in order to tackle the bacteria that cause halitosis. Others prefer the portability of gums and spray that claim to attack the root cause of bad breath. For others, bad breath gum is the answer. It just depends on what is most comfortable for the person in question whether or not they will use a particular product or not. read more about this at ..bad breath

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