The Beck Anxiety Inventory is a twenty one question quiz given to mental health patients in an effort to discriminate anxiety from depression. Both anxiety and depression have many similar symptoms, and the Beck Anxiety Inventory was developed in response to a need for a tool that would allow clinicians to determine whether a patient is displaying symptoms of one disorder or another.

The test itself consists of twenty one distinct questions. Each of the questions reflects a common anxiety symptom. The patient is asked to how much the symptom in question has bothered them over the course of the previous week. Answers are given in numerical form on a four point scale (0-3). The answers are tallied at the conclusion of administering the Beck Anxiety Inventory, yielding a score that will range from zero to sixty three.

The Beck diagnnositc, which is published by The Psychological Corporation, has been used on thousands of occasions to differentiate depression and anxiety. Clinicians feel it has a very high level of reliability. Testing on the Beck Anxiety Inventory also shows it to have a very high level of validity. These factors have made it a one of the most popular batteries of questions professionals can use to help with the diagnosis of a patient who may be anxious, depressed, or both.

The Beck Anxiety Inventory is also a popular tool due to its efficiency. The test can be given in a relatively short period of time, as it features only twenty one questions. The scoring technique is very simple, allowing professionals to quickly understand circumstances and likely diagnoses. After a single quiz session with a patient and a quick tabulation of results, the psychology professional will be armed with valuable information to help determine an effective course of treatment.

Although the simplicity of the test would make it relatively easy to use for an amateur, anyone who exhibits symptoms of either depression or anxiety should seek professional guidance and assistance. Self-diagnosis via tools like the Beck battery may be interesting for the amateur clinician who is concerned about his or her own well-being, but those with problems will certainly benefit a great deal more by discussing their concerns with a professional. One should not confuse the ease of the Beck test’s use as a justification for self-diagnoses.

Determining whether someone is depressed or is suffering from an anxiety disorder can be difficult. Many of the symptoms overlap. Optimal treatment, however, requires being able to distinguish between the two conditions. This need gave birth to the Beck Inventory, which is used frequently today by experts who need to understand “what they are looking at” quickly and clearly. Whenever one displays symptoms that could be related to either of the two common mental health problems (anxiety and depression), they are likely to be asked the twenty one question series known as the Beck Anxiety Inventory..


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