The Human Papilloma Virus causes warts. They are unsightly, contagious, and may be painful. For those who suffer from warts, finding successful wart removal procedures is of the utmost importance. Warts may affect any part of the body, including the genitalia. Though all warts are caused by the same virus, HPV, not all warts should be treated the same. Some warts respond well to home remedies, but a doctor should treat genital warts only. There are many over the counter remedies that are effective in wart removal and can be used safely.

Warts may affect the hands, feet, and face. Warts on the face can become a source of low self-esteem and negative comments. This can be detrimental in a young child or adolescent. Removing these types of warts should be performed as quickly as possible to ensure the child’s state of emotional well-being. Rather than trying various home remedies and over the counter treatments, seeking the advice of a dermatologist may offer the fastest course of wart removal and therefore give the best results. Some choices offered by dermatologists include laser surgery and freezing the wart with Liquid Nitrogen or Sodium Nitride. Debridement, where the doctor literally cuts out the wart, is also a choice that your doctor may recommend.

If the wart is located on the palms of the hands, you may decide on using various over the counter products, herbal, or home remedies. Over the counter wart removal products include Salicylic Acid or Compound W. Some herbal treatments include various herbal tinctures or essential oils that have been combined and prepared together. These are then brushed on the wart to help destroy the virus and cause the wart to dry up. Some home remedies include wrapping the wart in duct tape daily. This encourages the area surrounding the wart to become irritated, thereby encouraging the white blood cells to attack the area. Hopefully, this will trigger the cells to recognize the Human Papilloma Virus and to begin to fight it. This is the best course of natural wart removal.

With all of these home remedies, it is often recommended to use a flat emery board or pumice stone, and to consistently yet gently, file away at the dead skin on the wart. This will help the herbs, Compound W, or other agent sink deeper into the living skin found on the wart as well. Some treatments may lead to scarring; therefore it is always best to leave the actual wart removal procedures to doctors.

Plantar Warts are located either on the soles of the feet or on the palm of the hands. These warts can become painful and may inhibit the ability to walk comfortably. As with other types of warts, you should seek the advice of your medical health care professional to determine the best course of action. Surgery could lead to scarring and make it difficult to heal, so your doctor will discuss the best choice for wart removal that will provide the best and quickest results as well as promote the easiest forms of healing.

Wart removal procedures

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  1. Whanz

    I was also suffer this kind of skin problems. I had a warts on my face. This makes me not confident of my self. What I have doing, because my friend keep telling me to consult a doctor. But I cannot afford the consultation even the treatment.

  2. Yola

    Wart removal is curable, and it is highly remove with the newest technology called laser surgery. With this equipment it is being easiest to remove warts. It has a unique technique that cannot operate longer hours.


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