Medical tourism is a fast-growing industry thanks to the extremely high cost of medical treatments in developed countries and long waiting periods for patients. Although several Asian countries have quickly responded to this need by setting up world-class hospitals in their countries, the Middle East too has woken up to this sunshine industry and as a result middle east medical tourism is another alternative for patients that want a medical procedure at a high-tech hospital at cost-effective rates.

The fact is that most Middle Eastern countries have a lot of money to set up world-class hospitals along with related infrastructure to attract patients from all over the globe. Although most medical procedures might be quite costly as compared to other countries in the medical tourism route such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc, sanitary conditions outside the hospitals are perceived to be much better in the Middle East instead of other developing countries. Thus, some patients might be willing to pay a higher rate while embarking on a middle east medical tourism trip.

Some countries in the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai already have internationally accredited hospitals that are second to none in terms of medical equipment and quality of treatment. Most doctors speak fluent English and are anyway educated in various western countries. They can easily make any patient feel right at ease even as the patient and his or her family might marvel at the latest equipments adorning most hospitals in the Middle Easter region, be it Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, etc.

Surprisingly, while middle east medical tourism is increasing at a decent level and seeing an increasing number of patients from developed countries including Western nations, a significant number of patients from many Middle Eastern countries have also embarked on their own medical trip to developing countries such as India that have seen a spurt in top-quality private hospitals in the last decade. However, since most Middle Eastern countries are perceived to have less crime and seen to be much cleaner than several Asian countries, the trend of medical tourism is surely bound to increase. In addition, many Middle Eastern countries also have spectacular tourist spots that can leave any patient with a lasting and fond memory, especially if the medical treatment turns out to be a successful one.

Nason Medical Center is open for business

Nason Medical Center is open for business—North Charleston (

All that the patients and their families need to do is to contact a competent middle east medical tourismfacilitator or agency that has a thorough knowledge not only on all countries within the Middle East but also matching hospitals that can offer the best treatment to the patient at a reasonable cost. In addition, the facilitator will also look after the traveling, accommodation, and insurance needs of the patient and anyone that accompanies him or her. The facilitator should also ensure that there are no communication problems once the patient is in the desired country and that the entire experience right from staying, sight-seeing, and completion of the medical treatment continues smoothly so that the patient returns back to his or her own country with a healthy body and happy memories.

The Middle East too has now joined the medical tourism bandwagon and many countries in that region have put their money to good use by creating an impressive infrastructure to support their world-class hospitals. Discerning patients that might be apprehensive of visiting an Asian country now have a choice of visiting a Middle Eastern country to get world-class medical treatment at extremely cost-effective rates.

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