Medical Tourism has become such an industry, that there are world wide organizations to offer conferences and guidance to medical professionals that treat patients from all over the world. But medical tourism is more than just treating a patient from another part of the world. Doctors do this on a smaller scale all of the time. Medical tourism is the practice of someone combining a vacation with their medical procedure. And or the patient specifically will go to a certain medical tourism destinations for a procedure, because that country is known to offer the procedure at high quality, for a lower price than what the patient would pay for it in their home country.

There are many countries that participate in medical tourism. Each country offers an array of services, but certain countries have gained a reputation for certain services. Here is a look as some medical tourism destinations, and why people flock to these locations:

Brazil: Brazil has for a long time been known to be a plastic surgery mecca. The plastic surgery in this country is so prevalent and affordable, more than half of the females in this country have had some type of plastic surgery. The most common types of plastic surgery are for breast augmentation, rear augmentation, and various surgeries for the face. The doctors in Brazil have added in common medical procedures in their practice for medical tourist as well.

Panama: Panama is a surprising location for medical tourism. The prices are very affordable, and the country draws in many medical tourists from the US, and from Europe. This is an affordable option for many patients.

Mexico: Mexico is the medical tourist destination for a variety of services, but what they are most known for in Mexico are the dentist. The Mexican dentists have actually attended medical school a year longer than U.S. dentist, and yet they offer services that are 50 percent or cheaper than dental services in the U.S. Because of it’s proximity to the U.S., many Americans flock past the border to get their dental work done.

Singapore: Singapore is seeing a major influx into the area due to its recent accreditations as being amongst the best hospitals in the world. As such, many people are able to receive first class health care, and yet be able to enjoy the lush beauty that Singapore offers.

China: China is seeing an influx of medial tourist from around the world, especially from Europe. This is because Europe is more receptive to alternative and natural/herbal medical methods. China is the land of acupuncture, acupressure, and a host of herbal treatments and modalities that focus on treating the mind, body, and the spirit. Patients can receive services at a fraction of the price that they would in their own country; services that have been used for thousands of years.

India: India is one of the largest and most popular medical tourism destinations. The healthcare is very inexpensive, the doctors have western training, and the hospitals are amongst some of the best in the world. Indian doctors can offer the full range of medical services and surgeries, and they have a booming surrogacy industry that people from all over the world partake in.

 Medical Tourism Destinations

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Jordan-Medical tourism sector a leader in region but challenges remain MENAFN.COM Jordan-Medical tourism sector a leader in region but challenges remain. MENAFN.COM. Hammouri praised the country’s healthcare sector for its ability to respond to regional crises which he said helped make Jordan one of the top medical tourism destinations in the region and beyond. During the past several years he added Jordan has and more.…

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