Being burdened with negative emotions can be very exhausting and this exhaustion can eventually affect the health of angerthe individual causing further harm to the mind also. Therefore in addressing all areas of problems the individual should learn the art of letting go and moving on for betterment of both body and mind.

The following are some reasons and ways the individual can go about learning to let go of blame and moving on in life:.

Let Go

Perhaps the most important exercise to explore is in understanding the situation that leads up to the blame factor being present. When this has been correctly identified and accepted as the legitimate cause of the blame, then only can the process of letting go begin. Making mental and physical choices to let go is the first step to seek in this exercise.

Learning to master the art of totaling letting go, would require the strengths and skills of the individual to “teach “ the mind to refocus and concentrate on positive elements such as acceptance, amnesty, absolution and any other positive mindset that force the individual to look at the situation with a renewed and fresh thought process.

Choosing to consciously release all resentment and focus instead on the exercise of looking for the positive points in the situation would also be something worth cultivating in the quest to avoid the blame game. There are no positive results that can be seen through keeping resentment and in fact it has been proven that the element of resentment within the human body eventually leads to medical problems too.

Instead of looking to blame someone, a more productive exercise would be to look for solutions to the problem. This will engage the mind and body actively and thus eventually cause the individual to forget to blame anyone and anything for the circumstances. read more anger

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