Is Surgery Abroad for You?

The cost of undergoing medical treatment and surgery abroad can actually save up to 80 percent of the procedure’s cost in your home country. When medical tourism offerings cover medical procedures, which include dental, orthopedic, cosmetic and alternative treatments, foreign countries are steadily gaining an influx of traveling patients seeking cheaper yet world class quality treatments. In truth, foreign hospitals can offer everything that a fine American hospital can offer, but at a fraction of the cost.

The much lower cost of having treatment or surgery abroad has nothing to do with its being performed by undertrained and unqualified medical practitioners. You may be surprised to discover that the hospitals in other countries have doctors, specialists and staff that have earned their degree, experience and expertise from top-ranked international schools as well as American universities. You may even find that the medical practitioners in foreign countries are more experienced than those in the United States as they earn greater experience and wider exposure to the procedure because of their more affordable costs.

Cosmetic procedures take the higher proportion of treatments and surgery abroad. Medical tourists take advantage not only of the savings but also the anonymity of undergoing cosmetic procedures in other countries. Other common surgery procedures sought abroad include gynecological, orthopedic and cancer as well as radiation treatment. Also, depending on the medical tourism package you choose, undergoing surgery abroad goes with other perks such as top quality accommodation, round the clock nurse aide and the opportunity to have a relaxing and enjoying recovery period.

To give you an idea on how much savings you can get in undergoing surgery abroad, think about clearance sales. With cosmetic surgeries and procedures, expect to pay 40 to 80 percent less from the same procedure that you can get from the United States or United Kingdom. For instance, if breast augmentation costs around $6,000 to $6,500 in United States, you can undergo the same procedure in some fine hospital in Southeast Asia for only $2,000 to $3,000. Lab-band surgery may cost around $18,000 in America but it only costs around $6,000 in Asia. The average cost of hip replacement in America is $43,000. The same surgery costs only $12,000 in Singapore and Thailand and $9,000 in India.

Patients, who need to undergo expensive procedures like heart bypass, angioplasty and heart valve replacement, decide to undergo surgery abroad because of their expertise and more affordable cost. Health experts explain that the lower cost or the savings is due to the surgeon’s lower fees, lower hospital expenses and less malpractice liabilities in the countries participating in medical tourism.
Popular destinations for surgery abroad include China, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, India and more Southeast Asian Countries. Although undergoing surgery abroad is cheaper, ensuring successful medical travels involve a great deal of investigation and consideration. Consult with your doctor about your plan of undergoing treatment abroad. Contact people or talk with friends who have undertaken the same procedure in the country you intend to visit. Also, obtain referrals information from the intended hospitals or medical institution to help you settle your mind on getting the safest, cheaper, yet world class quality procedure abroad. Lastly, doctors recommend getting an insurance policy covering your treatment abroad so you will be taken care for in case of untoward incidents on poor results.

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