Medical Tourism has become such an industry, that there are world wide organizations to offer conferences and guidance to medical professionals that treat patients from all over the world. But medical tourism is more than just treating a patient from another part of the world. Doctors do this on a smaller scale all of the time. Medical tourism is the practice of someone combining a vacation with their medical procedure. And or the patient specifically will go to a certain medical tourism destinations for a procedure, because that country is known to offer the procedure at high quality, for a lower price than what the patient would pay for it in their home country.

There are many countries that participate in medical tourism. Each country offers an array of services, but certain countries have gained a reputation for certain services. Here is a look as some medical tourism destinations, and why people flock to these locations:

Brazil: Brazil has for a long time been known to be a plastic surgery mecca. The plastic surgery in this country is so prevalent and affordable, more than half of the females in this country have had some type of plastic surgery. The most common types of plastic surgery are for breast augmentation, rear augmentation, and various surgeries for the face. The doctors in Brazil have added in common medical procedures in their practice for medical tourist as well.

Panama: Panama is a surprising location for medical tourism. The prices are very affordable, and the country draws in many medical tourists from the US, and from Europe. This is an affordable option for many patients.

Mexico: Mexico is the medical tourist destination for a variety of services, but what they are most known for in Mexico are the dentist. The Mexican dentists have actually attended medical school a year longer than U.S. dentist, and yet they offer services that are 50 percent or cheaper than dental services in the U.S. Because of it’s proximity to the U.S., many Americans flock past the border to get their dental work done.

Singapore: Singapore is seeing a major influx into the area due to its recent accreditations as being amongst the best hospitals in the world. As such, many people are able to receive first class health care, and yet be able to enjoy the lush beauty that Singapore offers.

China: China is seeing an influx of medial tourist from around the world, especially from Europe. This is because Europe is more receptive to alternative and natural/herbal medical methods. China is the land of acupuncture, acupressure, and a host of herbal treatments and modalities that focus on treating the mind, body, and the spirit. Patients can receive services at a fraction of the price that they would in their own country; services that have been used for thousands of years.

India: India is one of the largest and most popular medical tourism destinations. The healthcare is very inexpensive, the doctors have western training, and the hospitals are amongst some of the best in the world. Indian doctors can offer the full range of medical services and surgeries, and they have a booming surrogacy industry that people from all over the world partake in.

 Medical Tourism Destinations

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Jordan-Medical tourism sector a leader in region but challenges remain MENAFN.COM Jordan-Medical tourism sector a leader in region but challenges remain. MENAFN.COM. Hammouri praised the country’s healthcare sector for its ability to respond to regional crises which he said helped make Jordan one of the top medical tourism destinations in the region and beyond. During the past several years he added Jordan has and more.…

The purpose of a person taking a medical tourism trip is to save money. So it would stand to reason that the medical tourist would want to travel to a location that offers top medical services at a very reduced price. But along with wanting to receive reduced priced medical care, the medical tourist wants to be able to recover, and or to enjoy the location that they are visiting after the procedure is complete. In some cases, the tourist will have to stay in the host country for an extended period of time. This is because they need to be close to the practicing physician to make sure that the patient is healing correct, and well. Furthermore, the patient might be too weak to travel, and long distance air travel might even be too dangerous for a time. Certain procedures will simply require bed rest for a period of time.

So with all of this in mind, a patient will certainly want to seek out medical tourism deals. These deals can be found in a variety of ways, through a variety of channels. First, the best way to find these types of deals is through a travel agency that specializes in medical tourism deals. All that needs to be done is an online search that will bring up the names of various travel agencies that arrange for medical tourism tours. If you find that there are no such agencies in your area, don’t hesitate to contact a variety of agencies anyway. They will be able to book a trip for you, send you the tickets, and guide you through what to expect.

This leads to another aspect of medical tourism deals. Many medical facilities affiliate themselves with local hotels, and amenities. This helps the medical and the tourist communities. How this works, is that when a potential patient calls the medical facility to inquire about the procedure, the facility can inform the patient about local hotels that work with the patient to offer them a discount, since they are coming for the medical procedure. When the medical facility refers patients to various hotels and restaurants, these businesses earn revenue in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise. So they are glad to pass on savings to the patients who are in the area for their medical tours.

One more way to come about medical tourism deals is to do research on which countries offer the lowest prices on the services that you might want. All medical tourism countries pretty much perform the same things. But certain countries charge a lot less than others. So if you do some homework, you can find the right combination of countries that offer excellent care, great room and board, and very low prices to boot.

Medical Tourism Deals

Bad Breath Gum, Are They Effective? and more

There are many things that cause distress in the lives of people today, and one of them is bad breath. Like everything else that disturbs us in life products have been developed that are designed to address bad breath, one of those is bad breath gum. These types of gum work in a couple of different ways. The first way is to mask the bad breath with a more pleasant odor while it is being chewed, while the other way is to get rid of some of the bacteria that cause the foul smell.

Another aspect of chewing bad breath gum is that it increases the production of saliva which in itself cleanses the mouth and therefore reduces the effects of bacteria buildup. Any time that bacteria builds up there will be a bad odor associated with it. Since bacteria are naturally present in the digestive tract of humans, and that includes the mouth, odor will be present if that bacterium multiplies too much. This is the reason more moisture in the mouth is beneficial.

When chewing bad breath gum, there is a temporary relief from the symptoms of bacteria buildup, but you cannot rely on this to be a cure for the problem. The reason these gums work is that they are produced with scents that are said to be fresh and are usually mint or cinnamon in flavor. Everyone likes these scents and enjoy the flavor as they chew as well. While this chewing action may clean the breath for a short time, it will be necessary to pop another piece in your mouth frequently in order to maintain the benefits derived.

However, there are some bad breath gums on the market today that are produced using essential oils, and although the effects last longer, they are still not a cure for halitosis. Since bad breath is caused by an overproduction of bacteria, and some mouths are more prone to this buildup, anything that can be done to reduce that buildup is preferred even if it does not completely eliminate the problem.

There is a world of different products that claim to be the best cure for something that occurs in many people throughout the world. Bad breath gum is just one of those products, and depending on whom you ask you will get a lot of different answers as to the effectiveness of each of the products.

In every instance of treatment plans for bad breath you will find that it all boils down to preference. Some people will carry a tooth brush with them everywhere they go in order to tackle the bacteria that cause halitosis. Others prefer the portability of gums and spray that claim to attack the root cause of bad breath. For others, bad breath gum is the answer. It just depends on what is most comfortable for the person in question whether or not they will use a particular product or not. read more about this at ..bad breath

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Could you be suffering from gum disease India.Com Health India.Com Health. Could you be suffering from gum disease India.Com Health. As the disease progresses the colour of the gum changes from a healthy pink to bright red. It becomes swollen and bleeds even with gentle brushing of the teeth. It may sometimes be painful when touched. You may experience persistent bad breath or bad and more.…

Halitosis Halitosis or bad breath occurs when noticeably unpleasant odor s are exhaled in mouth sprays mouthwash or gum may only temporarily mask.…

Functional chewing gum Functional chewing gum is the name given to types of chewing gum which impart some that they can improve bad breath but such an effect is.…

Medical costs are sky high in most western countries. On top of the indignity of not being able to afford the healthcare that many need, many people don’t have insurance, they find that they insurance payments are too high, or the insurance won’t cover a procedure even after the expensive payments are made! People are finding that they have to suffer with paperwork, bureaucracy, long wait times, bad bedside manner, and horrible customer service. Once people think about the insanity of it all, a medical tourist vacation can sound very inviting indeed.

But is the cost worth it to go to a strange, exotic country to have foreign doctors operating on your body? Well on the one hand, you might think to yourself that you have nothing to lose; you are already losing precious time in dealing with the current system. But in a very real way, medical tourism cost are an excellent deal for someone who needs care right away, and is tired of waiting around or with messing around with the system that is in place for them. The fact is that most medical procedures that are performed in foreign medical tourism countries cost a lot less than do medical procedures in western countries.

There are other costs to consider for medical tourism cost beyond finances, although finances are the biggest draw. One should consider the emotional cost that they will save when they are able to see the physician of their choice right away. There will be no worry about flying to a strange country and then having to wait for treatment. The treatment will be arranged for before the patient leaves their home country. This way, when they arrive in the host country, they will get settled in their temporary residence, and then they will be escorted right away to the hospital or medical facility.

Other costs that will be saved, is the cost of peace of mind. A medical tourist can choose to be treated in a destination that is calm, peaceful, and where they will be treated like a king or a queen. They won’t have to worry about the hassles of life, or the bad attitudes of people around them. The patient will be surrounded by attendants who care about the treatment and the recovery of the patient. These attendants will be from the local economy, so they will bend over backwards to make sure that the patient is comfortable and being treated well. They want medical tourist to return.

So, if you consider the fact that on a medical tourism trip that you can save money on the procedure, take an exotic vacation, and be treated extremely well, then the medical tourism cost is very much worth it. Many people have found that when they’ve spent money on the procedure and the vacation, they have still saved thousands compared to the money they would only spend on the procedure at home.

 Medical Tourism Cost

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Medical Tourism Marketing Directory Launches Cost Effective Online Advertising San Francisco Chronicle Medical Tourism Marketing Directory Launches Cost Effective Online Advertising San Francisco Chronicle. IHT World has launched a medical tourism destinations directory specifically built to offer potential patients free information while giving qualified hospitals and clinics around the world low cost online advertising packages that start at only 79 and more.…

Medical Tourism Cosmetic Surgery

There are many hotspots around the world that have gained traction in their reputation in providing top notch medical tourism cosmetic surgery. There are places such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, and many more exotic locations around the world. But one of the most world-renowned locations is in a country that many people don’t know or realize that is known for their plastic surgery. This country is the Philippines.

The Philippines offers medical tourism cosmetic surgery, and it is a very safe country in which to have these procedures in. The hospitals and the medical staff in this country are amongst some of the best in the world. The doctors have been trained in the U.S., Canada, and in Europe. This means that the doctors are abreast of some of the best healthcare procedures. They also have access to the top medical equipment in the world, and on the market.

The main reason why medical tourists go to far flung regions of the earth for their healthcare, is for the low prices. While some countries cost more than others for their procedures, the Philippines prices are very low, compared to U.S. prices, or prices in the U.K. for certain. This means that a medical tourist can gain the same quality healthcare that they would receive in the U.S., or in the U.K, and still get that healthcare at a fraction of the price. Furthermore, as they are recovering, or after they are released, they can enjoy the sights and the tourist attractions of this tropical country. The food is excellent, and the people are friendly and warm.

Beyond this, many people either understand English, or they speak the language fluently. Because the Philippines was a U.S. territory, they are very familiar with the English language, and with the American culture. The country has hosted U.S. military bases at various points of its history. One of its official languages is Spanish, so this is great news for Spanish speaking medical tourist.

There are again, a variety of countries around the world that offer medical tourism cosmetic surgery. All a person has to do, is to check with a travel agent. The best travel agents are the ones that specialize in these types of trips. Because there will be a lot of detail involved with regards to arranging the hospital stay, the aftercare stay, and for any tourist events, do your research to be sure that you will be working with an agency that is very experienced in arranging these types of tours. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in a foreign country without all of the proper arrangements being taken care of.

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Surgery Waiting Room

Surgery Waiting Room—paulswansen (

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How to Ensure Safe Medical Tourism

The booming industry of medical tourism is mostly driven by individuals seeking established and proven treatments that cost much less than in their home country. The opportunity to undergo world class medical and health care treatment and services plus relaxing vacationing opportunities is quite irresistible to underinsured patients. However, there is always the question about how safe medical tourism is.

Medical tourism facilitators promote safe medical tourism by earning and gaining proof of qualifications, experience and accreditations from the world’s leaders in health care technology, practice and services. However, many countries offering medical tourism packages do not have specific national standards and systems for collecting comparative clinical outcome data as well as independent reviews and analysis. Even with international accreditation such as JCI, there is no absolute guarantee on the quality and assessment of the successes of treatments. Hence, one way of ensuring safe medical tourism is by seeking areas who have successfully managed to establish solid reputation o medical travel as in dental treatment and cosmetic surgery.

Perhaps you should take time assessing the accreditation, expertise and experiences of the hospitals and doctors marketed by a country’s medical tourism program. Take time to browse the resume of the participating doctors and take note o their affiliations with important associations. For hospitals, take note of their insurers to ensure that the institution as well as its medical staff meets all the legal, technical and sanitary requirements in practicing medicine and providing health care. Also, certifications that prove that a medical institution’s premises have duly certified facilities authorized by competent departments should convince potential medical tourists of their world class and quality medical services.

Safe medical tourism, Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island

Safe medical tourism, Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island—Ken Lund (

Reading some testimonials from patients around the world proves to be useful in deciding whether or not a medical and vacationing package is safe. Organizations that promote safe medical tourism operate websites that publish the testimonials of previous patients as well as their contact information, which may be provided upon request. The website also allows direct consultation with people considered as valuable reference and strong guarantee to the respect of safe medical tourismin that particular country. This way, you can contact people who have undergone the medical procedure or treatment that you plan on having. This should help set your mind at ease about the risks that that particular procedure may offer.

In rare cases, traveling patients go to other countries for unproven and experimental treatment. The questions on how safe medical tourism is regarding experimental treatment and other treatment procedures that are only available overseas and is not yet approved in their home country is currently a pressing issue. Most doctors advice their patients to refrain from undergoing unproven and experimental procedures as the procedure is still in the stage of being studied, evaluated and understood. Although there are already success stories regarding new and experimental treatments, people need to make sure that the procedure must be done by a group with a program, proper specialists and conservative regimen to minimize health risks.
Hence, the answer on how safe medical tourism is depends on which country and which participating hospitals, doctors and specialists are involved. Although this treatment opportunity is much cheaper, the lower cost does not necessarily mean low standard or quality of service. The program usually markets the country’s finest hospitals and doctors.

How to Ensure Safe Medical Tourism


For medical tourists can dental costs be too low Tico Times Tico Times. For medical tourists can dental costs be too low Tico Times. For medical tourists can dental costs be too low Posted Friday June 15 2012 By Matt Levin. Costa Rica’s Dental Surgeons Association issued a warning recently that some dentists prices are too low to be safe. For medical tourists shopping for a and more.…

Mexico Tourism Thrives in Spite of Violent Crime Voice of America Mexico Tourism Thrives in Spite of Violent Crime. Voice of America. Mexican tourist destinations tend to be as safe or safer than the cities where many tourists live. Blending Western Practices Eastern Spirituality. Doctor incorporates Buddhist techniques into his medical practice More Stanford Study Gives US.…

Dental Treatment Abroad

When a person wants to seek out dental treatment abroad, they can go to a variety of countries. There are countries such as India, Mexico, and Costa Rica that will offer these types of services. Many people might worry that the procedures might not be up to standards, especially if they are from the U.S. or from Canada. A medical tourist can rest assure that they will receive the same care as they would in their home country.

So if this is the case, why would someone want to seek out dental treatment in a foreign country? The main reason is because of price. The fact is that in many countries, the cost of dental treatment has gone through the roof. People simply can’t afford to stay on top of their dental care. They can go years without even receiving a cleaning, nevermind any deep treatments. Cavities turn into root canals, and if left untreated, the teeth must be extracted. Then the patient is left with the cost of implants, or dentures. Certainly these are very expensive.

Dental treatment, 100617-N-7456N-168

Dental treatment, 100617-N-7456N-168—JTF Guantanamo (

So if a person needs to get an implant, dentures, or if they simply don’t want to sacrifice their first born child in order to get their tooth pulled, they will seek out the services of a foreign dentist. They won’t have to wait to see a dentist either. They will land in the host country, get settled in, and go right away to be treated. They can then stay in the country to recover if recovery time is needed, or to visit the local sights and sounds. In many cases, the cost of the procedure and the vacation is still far less then the cost of the procedure in their home country.

Getting one’s teeth repaired and treated in another country can do a lot to save them in the long run. Dental infections and problems can lead to other infections and issues in the blood. It’s very true that if a person doesn’t get their dental infections treated, then the infection can spread in the bloodstream to other parts of the body. Or, if a person doesn’t receive proper dental care, then they will find that they will have a harder time getting employment, or they will have a hard time socially. It’s a shame that all of these things could be easily treated if only a person could afford to treat them. This is why dental treatment abroad can do wonders in helping to restore a person’s health, and their livelihood.

If a person wants to receive dental treatment abroad, they can do an online search to find the countries that provide this service, as well as agencies that have worked with many people and might be able to guide a medical tourist through a safe and successful trip.

Dental Treatment Abroad


3 Popular Dental Tourism Destinations and Their Benefits Hive Health Media blog 3 Popular Dental Tourism Destinations and Their Benefits. Hive Health Media blog 3 Popular Dental Tourism Destinations and Their Benefits. June 7 2012 By David. Veibl Leave a Comment. Dental tourism is an increasingly popular option for many people in the west due to the massive savings available by getting dental treatment abroad.…

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Dental Medical Tourism

The health and the appearance of one’s teeth is one of the first things that people notice. For this reason alone, dental health is of the utmost importance. The mouth is the gateway for the digestive track, nourishment, and for communication. All of these aspects can be stunted with poor dental health. If a person has poor dental health, they won’t be able to chew or intake their food properly. This can lead to poor digestion, because a person might be in pain, and they can’t chew their food properly. Or, bad teeth can lead to a host of infections in the gums, and in the bloodstream. There have been cases of people dying because of a horrible tooth infection that spread through the bloodstream into the vital organs. Studies have shown that one’s cardiovascular health can be tied to their dental health.

Poor dental health can also impede one’s standing in society. If a person has poor dental health, or if they are missing teeth, chances are slim that an employer will want to hire them. If a person does get hired, the position will be one that is low paying, and that doesn’t involve dealing with customers much. This can be devastating to one’s self esteem, and to their pay. It’s a cycle of not being able to earn more money because of one’s teeth, but if a person doesn’t earn more money, they can’t fix their teeth. Finally, poor dental health can cause people to judge you in a negative way. They might assume that you have poor dental habits when in fact you might not be able to afford dental care. Poor dental health can impede your ability to network and to make social connections and friendships. All of these reasons play into the factors of seeking out dental medical tourism.

Dental medical, Dental procedure aboard USS Abraham Lincoln

Dental medical, Dental procedure aboard USS Abraham Lincoln—Official U S Navy Imagery (

Dental medical tourism involves traveling to another country to seek out dental care. The primary reason to do this, is to save money on the procedure. Many dental procedures can be quite costly. If the teeth are in very poor condition, then more work will have to be done to either restore the teeth, or to replace the teeth all together. Many people know and understand that replacing one’s teeth with dental appliances are very costly. So going to a foreign country can save a lot of money for the same product.

A few countries that are well known for dental medical tourism are Mexico, Costa Rica, and India. Many people have traveled to these countries to take care of their dental needs and they have found great success in traveling to these countries. On top of this, dental medical tourist can stay for a long as they wish, and visit the country while they are there. There are quite a few agencies and websites that can assist a dental tourist with their travel and stay, as well as in finding the right dental facility.

Dental Medical Tourism


Philippines Medical Tourism Market Review by Renub Research Recently Business Wire press release Philippines Medical Tourism Market Review by Renub Research Recently Business Wire press release 5.2 Orthopedic Surgery. 5.3 Dental Tourism. 5.4 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. 6. PHILIPPINES MEDICAL TOURISM GROWTH DRIVERS. 6.1 Philippines unique Medical Visas gaze for the Medical Tourists. 6.2 Philippine Medical Treatment costs relative to USA and more.…

State Medicaid cuts impact county dental medical services Lake County News Sun State Medicaid cuts impact county dental medical services. Lake County News Sun. State Medicaid cuts impact county dental medical services. NEWS-SUN STAFF REPORT June 26 2012 5 20PM. Reprints. Updated June 27 2012 2 51AM. After more than 30 years providing dental services to Medicaid patients the Lake County Health and more.…

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Cardio Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the practice of a patient leaving their home country so that they can receive care in another country. The primary reason as to why they would seek out these types of services in this way, is because they can’t afford the cost of the service in their home country. Many of the western countries either charge far more than what the patient can afford, or the patient’s health care insurance won’t cover the cost completely, or at all. Then again, if the patient originates in a country where the procedure isn’t performed in an advanced way, they might seek out the best care possible in another country.

There are many health procedures and operations that take place overseas. A person can go for dental work, plastic surgery, or a long variety of elective and major surgeries. One such type of surgery and tourism is cardio medical tourism. This is of course medical tourism that takes place for conditions affecting the heart. These can include bypass surgeries, angioplasty, and valve replacements. The cost of these types of surgeries will vary according to the country that these surgeries will take place in. One thing is for certain; in most cases, the cost of the surgery cost a lot less than it would to receive it in one’s home country, especially if they are seeking out care coming from North America, or from Western Europe.

Cardio medical, Heart Monitor

Cardio medical, Heart Monitor—Rennett Stowe (

A patient will have to take into account not only the cost of the procedure, but also the cost of room and board. However, there are many agencies that specialize in this type of travel, and many times the facilities that treat the patients affiliate with the local hotels and restaurants so that they can offer a complete package for the medical tourist. In this way, not only can a medical tourist receive the care that they need, but they can also recover in the local area. This is a huge plus, because post operation and follow up care in the week or two after surgery is crucial. Especially when it comes to cardio medical tourism, the patient will be too weak to travel back to their home countries. They will need to be under close observation of the attending physician to make sure that the surgery was a success, and to be able to treat any complications. They will only advice that a patient go back to their home countries when it is absolutely save to do so.

With all of this in mind, if a person is considering cardio medical tourism, they will find that it could be very well to their advantage to do this. They should do a lot of research, and investigate which countries specialize in this type of surgery. There are many countries that offer medical tourism, but certain countries have gained a reputation in performing certain surgeries successfully, so one should investigate which countries these are.

Cardio Medical Tourism


Side Effects Free Thermobalancing Therapy Helps to Avoid Prostate Removal Seattle Post Intelligencer Side Effects Free Thermobalancing Therapy Helps to Avoid Prostate Removal Seattle Post Intelligencer. In comparison according to Modern Medicine the cost of radical prostatectomy averaged 8130 while Medical Tourism reports the average cost of a TURP procedure in the USA is between 5000 and 6000 and doesn’t include the fees of the urologist or and more.…

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Affordable Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has been around for many years, but the industry has picked up steam over the past few decades. Medical tourism is the practice of going to certain locations outside of one’s home country, to receive medical procedures in another country and destination. The reason why people would want to leave their home country for medical procedures primary is because of pricing. The majority of medical tourists come from North America, and from Europe, where healthcare cost, and medical procedures cost a very high amount of money. Particularly in the U.S., many people don’t have health insurance at all. If they do, the insurance plan might not cover the medical procedure that they’d like or need to have done. Or, the insurance plan might require a ridiculously high deduction be paid first before the procedure can take place. The cost of the deductible alone could financially break a person. There are many people who are suffering needlessly because they simply can’t afford their procedures.

The type of people who seek out affordable medical tourism are people who are struggling financially, or who are people who simply want to save money. Many people see no reason in spending more money for a medical procedure than what they absolutely have to. They like the idea of going to another country to visit as a tourist, and at the same time, they can receive whatever procedure that they need. In many cases, the country that they will be traveling to will be very conducive to healing. It would do a patient good to get away from all of their relations and the stressors that could impede their recovery. A person might want to rest their mind, as well as their body. So going to a location in another country could be a wonder part of their recovery plan.

The countries that specialize in the affordable medical tourism industry includes Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, South Africa, and many other places that people would be shocked to know that are medical tourism hotspots. Each of these countries tend to be known for certain procedures. For example, it’s a common known fact that Mexico specializes in dentistry at a much reduced price compared to other countries. Many people flock to Brazil for plastic surgery procedures. India is known for a variety of surgical procedures, and for surrogacy births. The procedure that is needed will determine where a medical tourist might like to travel to.

Of course, the number one question would be about safety. The doctors that perform these procedures have been trained in the best medical facilities in the U.S., Canada, and in Europe. They take this knowledge back to their home countries. Furthermore, the facilities that they work out of are state of the art with the latest medical equipment. One doesn’t have to worry about being worked on in unsanitary or primitive conditions. The procedures in these countries are safe, and they are regulated as well.

Of course, the patient will be responsible for the cost of flying to these countries, as well as for lodging and food. However, many agencies that specialize in medical tourism create packages that create one price for all of the food, lodging, and for the procedures. If a person is looking for affordable medical tourism, this would be the way to go.

Affordable Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism Uncharted Territory for Patients James Goldberg Author of Houston Chronicle

Medical Tourism Uncharted Territory for Patients James Goldberg Author of Houston Chronicle. Medical Tourism to date is uncharted legal territory. With the onslaught of aging Baby Boomers seeking affordable medical care abroad new legal precedents need to be set as these Medical Tourism practices take hold. At least insurance policies.…

Obamacare Affordable Care Act to Stimulate Medical Tourism in Costa Rica The Costa Rica News

The Costa Rica News. Obamacare Affordable Care Act to Stimulate Medical Tourism in Costa Rica. The Costa Rica News. The Obama’s Affordable Care Act Supreme Court ruling in is now seen as escalating the medical tourism industry shift. Costa Rica’s rising medical tourism. As the US moves towards socialized health care Costa Rica and the UK move The Costa Rica Star. all 5 news articles.…

Philippine Medical Tourism Combines Wellness and Leisure

The Philippines is known as one of Asia’s beach capitals. Its long stretches of white sand beach and over 7,000 islands and islets promises every visit to be a memorable adventure. Until recently, the country has successfully earned another tourism venture. For a country that has grown as a popular getaway destination, Philippine medical tourism managed to incorporate state-of-the art and modern health care experience with exciting vacationing packages to provide health care experience that nourishes the spirit, mind and body.

Philippine medical tourism is a private-public program that aims to invite foreign clients to the Philippines to undergo medical care and wellness services together with exciting sightseeing, shopping and total vacationing experiences. The program is designed to cater to all medical travelers who wanted to take advantage of the country’s expert healthcare, travel and leisure facilities. Their cheaper medical treatment costs have attracted a steadily growing number of patients worldwide. Clients from Japan, China, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, France and United States come to the country for medical services and procedures, which include plastic and cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, weight loss surgery and dermatology.

The program markets the world-class health care services provided by the Philippines’ top private amd public hospitals, which include the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Capitol Medical Center, Asian Hospital, Makati Medical Center, Medical City, Lung Center, the National Kidney Institute, The Philippine Heart Center, East Avenue Medical Center and Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

Philippine hospital, week 14 2012 philippine general hospital

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In addition to the distinct warmth of the Filipino hospitality, Philippine medical tourism offers to provide medical treatment and health care services that is comparable to what people get from more developed countries. Many of the country’s top doctors have studied in Asia’s best medical schools and even stayed in Japan, United States and in other parts of the world for their practice. Hence, the program ensures that all the medical professionals involved are among the experienced and most capable physicians in the Pacific region.
With Philippine medical tourismpackages, you can save up to 85 percent on various dental, medical and cosmetic treatments such as LASIK, metabolic surgery, executive health checkup, blepharoplasty, total hip or knee

replacement and coronary artery bypass grafting. These procedures usually cost thousands of dollars in more developed. In the Philippines, these procedures are performed by internationally trained doctors, dentists and other specialists at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the medical tourism package also includes opportunities to pamper yourself with your choice of Filipino blend spa retreats, which allow you to experience a fast and enjoyable recovery.

Medical tourism offerings in the Philippines usually cover everything a traveling patient may need. Depending on the chosen package, arrangements can be done to cover their needs from the moment they stepped out of the plane to the moment you catch their flight back home. The package usually provides traveling patients with their own personal assistant, who will be at their service accompanying them throughout their stay. Translators, although seldom needed, may also be provided upon request. To allow tourists to enjoy a worry free treatment and holiday experience, all the packages are customized to suit their individual needs. For concerns and inquiries, simply visit the Philippine medical tourism, Inc. website.

Philippine Medical Tourism Combines Wellness and Leisure


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Research and Markets Philippines Medical Tourist Arrivals Medical Tourism Business Wire press release Philippines started off bit late for the medical tourism but are catching up quickly. Philippines crossed the figure of 100000 medical tourists in the year 2010 and are expected to double this figure by 2015. Its medical tourism market is expected to.…

Philippines Medical Tourism Market Review by Renub Research Recently MarketWatch press release Philippines Medical Tourism Market Review by Renub Research Recently MarketWatch press release New market research report Philippines Medical Tourist Arrivals Medical Tourism Market Forecast to 2015 drawn up by Renub Research provides a comprehensive assessment of the Philippines medical tourism market detailing various aspects like and more.…


If you are an uninsured or partly insured citizen living in a developed country then you would have certainly dreaded the moment when you might need to undergo any specialized medical treatment or surgery that would snatch your finances in an instant. However, the world has now shrunk dramatically since many developing countries have now opened up their borders for tourists and medical tourism through competent medical tourism facilitators that now offer you a chance to get the best possible medical treatment at a fraction of what you might have spent in your own country.

Several developing countries such as India, China, Thailand, Philippines, Costa Rica, etc now offer all types of medical treatments including heart bypass operations, hip replacements, and dental treatments among many others that might be very costly to perform in developed countries such as the United States of America, Australia, and most of Europe. If you are faced with such a dilemma then you can now simply pick up your air ticket and make a beeline for a hospital or clinic in another country and regain your health or smile at a very cost-effective rate.

However, you might not want to enter into a strange country all by yourself and certainly not want to get yourself operated on in an alien hospital that might also have problems in communicating with you. This is where medical tourism facilitators step into the picture. These facilitators are usually established companies or even small groups of family-based individuals that will handle your entire medical tour including traveling, hospital stay, hotel stay for your family, and your return journey back home.

These medical tourism facilitators will study your medical case and suggest countries and hospitals that might be best suited for any operation or treatment that you might require. Such facilitators might ask for a fee for their services or could get commissions from hospitals where you would be admitted, or could even get a combination of both. On your part, you will certainly be free from the hassle of making arrangements for international and local travel, hotel accommodations, choosing an ideal hospital that is comfortable with communicating and operating on foreigners, post-operative stay, and then finally returning back to your own country. The fees that you might have to pay along with the cost of the entire medical tour would still be substantially less than what you would end up paying in your country.

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Once you do decide to follow the medical tourism way then you can call for quotes from several reputed and reliable medical tourism facilitators so that you can compare their prices and services. You should not rush to choose the facilitator that quotes the lowest rate but instead check the country where your operation would be conducted, the reputation of the hospital, the type of accommodation provided, and the level of transportation provided locally and internationally. Since most medical tourism facilitatorsget commissions from friendly hospitals, they might try to push you towards such hospitals and you will need to check if they are indeed the best options for your medical condition. You should certainly get referrals on the final facilitator that eventually meets your requirements.

Medical tourism is now a booming industry thanks to high medical costs in most developed countries. If you too have a costly medical procedure staring at your face then you can now opt to visit a new country while also getting top-quality medical treatment at a fraction of the cost as compared to your own country. However, you should first compare quotes and features of various capable medical tourism facilitators before you finally make up your

Medical tourism facilitators

If these tough times have strapped you financially and put you in a quandary as to how you might pay for an upcoming medical procedure or treatment then you can simply take a break. Yes, quicker travel times along with a host of medical services offered by several developing countries now offer you a chance to get the same treatment done in another country at less than half of what it would have cost you in your own country. All you need is a proficient medical tourism travel agent to guide you to the best possible country and hospital that could provide the required medical treatment before returning back to your home in good health and money jingling in your pocket.

If you live in a developed country with high costs of medical care then you would surely be aware of this problem, especially in these economically strapped times. Since you might hardly have any idea about which developing country could best take care of your medical needs, let alone as to which hospital could perform the required surgery or procedure as per your standards, you should simply get in touch with an experienced medical tourism travel agent.

The recent boost in medical tourism has given rise to these specialized agents that can arrange all aspects of your medical trip right from air and local travel, accommodation for you as well as any person or persons accompanying you, travel and other forms of insurance, hospital to conduct the procedure, post-operative care and stay, and finally a comfortable return back to your doorstep. Thus, instead of getting frustrated in trying to arrange a trip to an unknown land while worrying about your medical treatment at the same time, you now need to only focus on enjoying your trip and returning back minus your disease.

A capable medical tourism travel agent could have the backing of his or her family if it is a small company or could also have international backing in case it is a large organization with offices in several key cities around the world. You should choose an agent, however small or large, with great care since you not only need to travel without a hitch but more importantly need to ensure that you are in the safe hands of an experienced doctor once you enter that hospital or clinic in an unknown country. Knowing that you have a highly efficient medical tourism travel agent that is by your side physically or mentally throughout the trip can surely put all your fears at rest.

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Most agents have tie ups with specific hospitals in different countries and your agent would be in a position to guide you to the best possible hospital based on your medical requirements. Your agent might ask for the fees from you or might simply collect a commission from the hospital where you are admitted based on their financial arrangement. However, you should compare rates and services offered by a few medical tourism travel agentsbefore you finally make up your mind and should surely take referrals from past patients before you chart out your medical tour.

Medical tourism has now become a routine affair since jetting across the world has become quite easy. Coupled to this fact is the high cost of medical treatment in the developed world on one hand and world-class medical facilities at low rates in developing countries on the other. You too can now embark on your own medical tour by firstly choosing a capable medical tourism travel agent and then happily looking at the amount that will eventually be saved once you return healthily and happily back to your home.

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I know that all the rage these days is talk about an impending zombie apocalypse and that is what you may first think of when you hear about flesh eating disease but since there really is no such thing as zombies let’s talk about how you can protect yourself from the flesh eating disease called Necrotizing Fasciitis.

The best way to protect yourself from the flesh eating disease is to keep your hands clean. Wash them in warm water and soap for at least 15-20 seconds when they are visibly soiled and use hand sanitizer to kill the germs you can’t see for other times.

If you cut yourself or get a burn while you are in the kitchen, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem at the time, always clean the area very well and keep it covered. Feel free to use a triple antibiotic ointment and change the bandage frequently or at least daily.

The bandage you use should also be kept dry so go buy yourself some vinyl or latex gloves at your local drug store to use to cover the affected area, if it is on your hands, that is.

Bacteria thrives in warm, moist places so if the bandage gets wet change it immediately.

If you are a relatively healthy individual you have a lower risk of acquiring this possibly deadly infection. Higher risk individuals are those with chronic conditions that deplete the immune system like diabetes, cancer, and lupus.

Alcoholics and drug abusers also have a higher risk of developing this type of infection.

These people should take special precautions from even getting injured because with an immune system that is not functioning like it should sores and burns will not heal quickly in the best of times.

If, a day or two after an injury, you start to notice any of the following symptoms, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

If you notice:

1. Increased redness, swelling and the area of injury is hot to the touch

2. Green drainage from the would

3. Increased or new, severe pain to the area

4. An area near the center of the original injury has turned black. This indicates that tissue death has begun.

Diagnosis is made by your doctor ordering a number of tests such as:

1. Lab culture of the wound

2. CT scan or MRI

3. Blood tests

4. Biopsy of the surrounding skin

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Immediate treatment is essential to limiting the damage the toxins released by the bacteria can cause. If left untreated for even just a little while, sometimes only a few hours, extensive damage can occur and complications such as amputation or organ death can quickly follow.

Statistics show that if you do not learn how to protect yourself from the flesh eating disease and you do acquire this deadly infection 1 in 4 will die from it.

All it takes is keeping your hands and any injury you get clean, covered and dry.

Protect Yourself From The Flesh Eating Disease

80. Wake up early in the morning.

Waking up early each morning can increase your chances of getting pregnant. This is because, when you do it, you can have more time to get in shape by walking or jogging at the park prior to reporting for work. Aside from that, if you have the urge, you can also get your partner convinced for a little lovemaking just before breakfast.

81. Men should ejaculate regularly.

If you and your spouse could not make love at least once in every 48 hours, then your husband should see to it that he ejaculates every 2 to 3 days. This is actually a good practice, which can help in maintaining optimum sperm supply. Aside from that, it would also boost his immune system.

82. Eliminate stress.

Stress is one of the biggest factors that can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Thus, it is a good idea to find out ways to eliminate it. There are lots of things that you can do in order to achieve that. You can go to a spa to get a massage, watch a movie, or listen to good music. Do these activities together with your partner, so that it would become more meaningful.

83. Keep your husband’s testicles cool.

Experts say that a man’s testicles is placed outside the body in order to keep them at desirable temperatures most of the time. In other words, it is not a good idea to expose them to heat, since it can result to dead sperms; thereby, affecting overall sperm count. Let your husband wear boxer shorts, so that his testicles would be cool.

84. Elevate your hips after making love.

When you lie down on your bed to relax after having intercourse with your partner, it is best that you elevate your hips. You can do this by placing a pillow under your hips, to get it elevated. This would prevent sperm leakage, and increase the sperm’s chances in fertilizing the egg.

85. Baby sits your friend’s baby.

Baby sitting your friend’s baby can increase your desire in having one. Aside from that, it would also help you learn more about caring for a newborn baby. Moreover, it can also give you a chance to chat with your friend about how they were able to get conceived, and maybe even get a lot of tips from her.

86. Eat more fish.

Including fish into your daily meals can help a lot when it comes to getting pregnant. This is because, fish is loaded with protein that is not associated with fats. On top of that, it also contains omega 3 fatty acids, which can help you boost your immunity levels, as well as your fertility.

80 to 100 Getting Pregnant Tips

87. Let your husband eat more eggs.

Eating at least an egg a day can greatly help your husband in getting your pregnant. This is because, it would boost his energy levels in making love to you, due to its nutrients. On top of that, it also contains the rare protein called albumin. Furthermore, the egg yolk contains essential fatty acids, which can boost his testosterone levels.

88. Cut down your caffeine intake.

Drinking coffee while you are trying to get pregnant is not a good idea. This is because; it can reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron properly. Aside from that, if you have a habit to drink coffee even at nights, then it can also prevent you from getting enough rest. Thus, it is time to avoid coffee, as well as other drinks that contain caffeine in it.

89. Purchase something that would make you and your spouse enjoy sex more.

Purchasing something that would increase both you and your spouse’s urge to have sex is not a bad idea. All you have to do is buy something sexy, such as a skimpy nightgown. By doing that, you would both enjoy having sex, without even thinking about getting pregnant.

90. Read stories of people who were successful in getting pregnant.

Reading stories of people who were successful in getting pregnant is one of the things that you can do to achieve your dream. This is because, such stories may offer valuable tips that you can follow. Aside from that, it would also inspire you more, and help you do the necessary things to get pregnant.

91. Let your friends know that you are trying to get pregnant.

When you want to get pregnant, keeping it a secret would not help you in achieving it. With that, it is best if you can let some of your closest friends know that you are trying to conceive. By doing that, they would be able to give you their support and encouragement. Aside from that, they may also give you some pointers in attaining your goal.

92. Eat yogurt.

Eating yogurt can boost your body’s immunity levels. This is because; yogurt can increase your body’s level of good bacteria, which means that the bad bacteria would not be able to disturb your system. Aside from that, it can also boost your fertility, which is why eating more yogurt is good when you are trying to get pregnant.

93. Grapeseed extract.

Vitamin C should be taken in order for your body to become more fertile. To ensure that vitamin C would become more effective though, it is best if you also make use of grapeseed extract. Aside from improving the effectiveness of the said vitamin, it can also give support and protection to the sperm.

94. Making use of evening primrose oil.

Having cervical mucus is one of the things you need to achieve to increase your chances of getting pregnant. One of the things that you can do in order for that to happen is to make use of evening primrose oil. Aside from making your body more capable of producing cervical mucus, it also ensures that the mucus would improve in terms of its quality.

95. Body basal temperature.

You would notice that you have ovulated if your body’s basal temperature has increased. Thus, this is a good sign to watch, in order to determine your ovulation period. One of the best things about this method of determining ovulation though is that, it is easy to do, and you only need to have a thermometer for it.

96. Breast tenderness.

There may be times when you notice that your breast would feel tender. This is actually a sign that your hormones are working to get ready for a chance to get pregnant. In other words, it is a sign of ovulation. Thus, when you feel breast tenderness, it is time to tell your spouse to make love to you more often.

97. Read mature magazines with your spouse.

There are magazines available in the market today, which are filled with sexy stories that you and your spouse can enjoy. You should buy a good number of these magazines and read them together with your spouse. By doing that, you would increase both your urge to have sex, which would improve your chances of getting pregnant.

98. Laugh with your partner often.

Laughing with your spouse more often can actually improve your relationship. Aside from that, if you share jokes, especially those that are related to sex, then you become more aware of it. The more closer you are with your spouse, and the more you enjoy sexy jokes, the more you would want to make love.

99. Let your spouse know what you want.

One of the issues of women when it comes to having sex is achieving orgasm. Achieving orgasm can actually increase the chances of getting pregnant. Thus, it is time that you tell your spouse what you want him to do while making love, so that he can ensure that you would be able to achieve it.

100. Never hesitate to get help.

If you and your spouse have been trying for a while, and still you are unsuccessful in getting pregnant, you should not hesitate to get help. Do not think that it is hopeless, since lots of couples are able to gain success in it even after a year or so. Ask your close relatives and friends for help. On top of that, you should also approach a professional for it.