1. What to think about prior to getting pregnant.

Before even thinking of getting pregnant, you should recognize the fact that raising a child is a huge responsibility. Aside from that, there are also things that you may have to give up for it. Thus, prior to getting pregnant, you must have the commitment and the discipline to go through it properly, so that it would be a pleasant experience for you.

2. Plan for pregnancy carefully.

It is best if you and your spouse can plan for pregnancy carefully, so that you would be able to cover all the bases. See to it that you both would have the time to take care of the baby, once he or she is born. Aside from that, you should also make sure that proper steps are taken, so that you would have a healthy pregnancy and be safe in your delivery.

3. You must have the desire to have a child.

In order to get pregnant, you and your partner should have the desire to have a child. In other words, both of you should know what you want, so that you would also be more motivated in taking the steps towards it. By having the desire to have a child, you and your partner would be able to do the right things at the right time and be able to conceive a baby very soon.

4. See your doctor.

Prior to getting pregnant, you should visit your doctor first. This way, you can ask him if you are in shape to get pregnant soon. It is important that you do this, since there are times when a doctor would not advise a particular person to get pregnant for being out of shape. Aside from making sure that you are on the safe side, your doctor can also provide you tips on how to get pregnant fast.

5. You must tell your spouse about it.

If you have the desire to get pregnant soon, then the first thing that you have to do for it is to inform your partner about it. Without telling your spouse that you want to get pregnant, then he would not be able to play his part to get you what you want. Always remember that both of you play an important role in conceiving a child. Thus, both of you should be on the same page, in order to do what you need to do to get pregnant.

6. Become more familiar of simple facts about your menstrual cycle.

To get pregnant very soon, one of the things that you can do to achieve it is to become more familiar of facts regarding your menstrual cycle. By doing that, you would know what days in the month you would be most fertile. Do your research about it and share the information with your spouse.

7. Know the best sex positions for getting pregnant.

Keep in mind that in order for you to get pregnant, sperm should be deposited to as close to your cervix as possible, when you make love with your partner. A couple of sex positions that would allow your partner to have better access, would be the missionary and the rear entry. By performing sex in these kinds of positions, you would be improving your chances of getting pregnant soon.

8. Get pregnant early.

Getting pregnant early is actually a good idea. Thus, if you have just gotten married and you are thinking about getting pregnant, then let your spouse know about it soon. The sooner you put action into it, the better chances you have in getting pregnant. This is because, women’s fertility goes down as they age. Thus, the younger you are, the better it is for you to get pregnant.

9. Never give up.

Always remember that some people get pregnant easily, while others do not. Thus, if you and your spouse have already tried a lot of times to get achieve it and you are still not successful, then you should not give up. If you have having a hard time in getting pregnant, then see your doctor, so that he can recommend solutions for your issues.

10. Relax.

In order to get pregnant, you should not get yourself overly excited it about. Aside from that, you should also avoid becoming tensed. You should know how to relax, so that you can gain relief from stress. The more relax you become, the more you would be able to enjoy the activities you need to go through in order to have a baby in your womb.

11. Stop taking your pills.

If you are taking pills as your contraceptive, then it is time to stop using them. Always keep in mind that your body would need time to revert back to its natural state, before you get pregnant. Thus, you should stop taking pills as early as possible, so that you won’t have to wait for a long time to become fertile and pregnant.

12. Make love with your spouse more.

The more times you make love in a week, the better chances you have in getting pregnant very soon. Thus, you should try to have sex with your spouse as many times as you can in a week. Doing it more would greatly improve your chances of getting pregnant. However, make sure that you both have ample rest, so that your body would be in good shape.

13. Don’t try to get pregnant, just to fulfill another person’s wish.

It is very possible for someone to be pressured in having a baby by her relatives. With that, you need to think about what you are trying to achieve for a good amount of time, so that you can check if it is really you who want to have babies or someone else. If you just want to get pregnant because of being pressured by someone of having kids, then it is best not to proceed with it.

Getting Pregnant Tips 1 to 30

14. Make sure that you enjoy sex.

Without semen, you can never get pregnant; thus, you have to make sure that you and your spouse are enjoying what you do when you are both in bed. In other words, make your love making as enjoyable as possible, so that you can get pregnant soon. This is important, since you both need to be completely aroused, in order for the semen to enter the egg.

15. Stay away from coffee.

Staying away from intoxicants such as coffee, can improve your chances of getting pregnant. This is because, both you and your spouse’s hormones would be transported in an easier manner, if your blood is free of such substances. Thus, you both should avoid drinking coffee hours before making love, so that you would get pregnant soon.

16. Be aware of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Before you become pregnant, you should become more aware of the symptoms of pregnancy. This is because; being pregnant is not a joke. You need to have professional help when you are pregnant, since you want to have a more pleasant delivery. Thus, the moment you observe symptoms of it, and then you can immediately take a test and visit your doctor.

17. Talk about sex more often.

To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you need to become more aware of sex. With that, it is best if you can talk with your spouse about sex more often. The more you talk about it, the more you get excited in doing it. By becoming more excited, you would desire to have sex with your spouse more, which can result to getting pregnant fast.

18. Fix your schedules.

There are couples that could not have sex as many times as they want, due to their hectic schedules. Aside from that, some of them also are not able to do it as often as they want due to their different schedules. Thus, you have to find a way to match each others schedules. Aside from that, see to it that you can have more bonding time, so that you would have a chance to make love more.

19. Your menstrual cycle.

If you have regular menstrual cycle, such as going through it every 28 days, then it is easy to determine your ovulation period. All you have to do is to count 14 days starting from the first day of your period to achieve that. However, if you have irregular menstrual cycle, then the best thing that you can do is to obtain an ovulation kit for it.

20. Take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests kits are available in many supermarkets and pharmacies nowadays. Thus, you can make use of it whenever you want to. It is best to take a pregnancy test first, once you observe symptoms of being pregnant. If you get a positive result, then that would be the time to tell your spouse about it, and visit your doctor.

21. Be prepared of the changes.

Before you become pregnant, you should keep in mind that you would go through certain changes with it. One of which is the fact that your image would change. You should be prepared in going through these changes, so that they won’t get your bothered, once you experience them.

22. Get enough rest.

In order for you to become more effective in getting pregnant fast, you should provide your body with enough rest. Thus, you should get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. By doing that, not only would you ensure that you are in good condition, but it would also make you more energetic the next day, which would help you when it comes to lovemaking.

23. Always think positive.

Keep in mind that in order to get pregnant, you should be convinced that you have the ability to achieve it. In other words, you should always think positive, so that you would see yourself becoming pregnant soon. By thinking positive, you would encourage a more positive atmosphere between you and your spouse, which would greatly help in conceiving a baby soon.

24. Have sex before your ovulation period.

Knowing your ovulation time would greatly help in getting pregnant. However, you may be confused on when to have sex in relation to it. It is actually best to start making love days before the day that you would ovulate. By doing this, you are increasing your chances of becoming pregnant, since your partner’s sperm can last longer than your egg.

25. The calendar method of predicting ovulation.

Some couples rely on the calendar method in order to predict ovulation. However, you need to keep in mind that this method assumes that you undergo the regular 28 day cycle. In other words, since lots of women actually do not have regular cycles, then the said method can become ineffective. With that, it is still best to make use of ovulation predicting kits, since they are more accurate.

26. Throw your contraceptives away.

If you and your spouse have been used to making use of contraceptives, such as condoms in having sex, then it is time to throw them all away. This is because, he might accidentally make use of one, even when you are trying to get pregnant. By throwing them away, you no longer have to worry about forgetting what you want to achieve, and enjoy having sex more.

27. Don’t see sex as a job you need to do to get pregnant.

There are some people who have sex just to ensure that they get pregnant. However, this is actually not the most effective way of getting pregnant. It is best that you and your partner enjoy sex, so that you can conceive a child soon. Enjoy sex as much as you can by planning it, so that you would become more effective.

28. Better orgasm.

Keep in mind that the more you attain orgasm, the more chances you have in getting pregnant. This is because, when a woman attains orgasm, her movements would pull the semen into the uterus more. In other words, it increases the chances of the sperm to fertilize the egg. Thus, you should work with your spouse as a team, so that you would be able to achieve more orgasms, and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

29. Avoid the woman on top position.

Although lots of women enjoy the woman on top position, this should not be practiced, especially when your partner is about to attain orgasm. This is because, in this position, gravity would pull the sperm back towards the ground, which can prevent it from penetrating the egg. With that, it decreases the chances of you getting pregnant.

30. Have more sex to improve your husband’s ability to get you pregnant.

Having more sex can actually improve your spouse’s ability in getting you pregnant. This is because, the more times that you do it, the better your husband’s sperm becomes, when it comes to quality. Thus, it is time to do it as frequently as you can, so that you would be able to hit your goal soon.

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