56. Get enough exercise.

If you want to get pregnant, you should condition your body for it. One of the things to do is to get enough exercise. There is no need to go through intensive forms of workout routines. Just keep it light, as long as it can control your fats. It is best to keep your body fat down, since excessive amounts of it can disturb your reproductive cycle.

57. Buy a book about pregnancy.

Buying a book about pregnancy is one of the things that you should be doing soon, if you want to get pregnant. The book would not just educate you on the things that you can do to conceive a child, but it would also tell you more about the things that you can experience when you become pregnant. By doing that, you would be well educated about it, which can also make you more aware of what you are trying to accomplish.

58. Become motivated in making healthy changes.

If you have committed yourself to make healthy changes in your life in order to become pregnant, you should have the motivation for it. To achieve that, you should request your spouse to join you in making the changes. When you do it together, making healthy changes would become easier to attain. Aside from that, it would also strengthen your relationship.

59. Kiss and makeup.

Although it is not a good idea to pick a fight with your spouse when you try to get pregnant, one advantage of it is when you reconcile. Kiss and makeup as soon as you can after a fight, so that you can increase your chances of conceiving a baby. One of the best things about making love after a fight is that, you and your spouse would usually be more passionate about it.

60. Talk about getting pregnant with your spouse.

Talking about getting pregnant with your partner is not a bad idea. This is because; it can open up discussions about the things that you want to do in order to achieve your dream of having a child. With that, you would both become more excited in making your plans into reality, which would be beneficial for both of you.

56 to 79 Getting Pregnant Tips

61. Smoke cessation.

Smoke cessation is a vital step that you need to take, in order to get pregnant. This is because substances in cigarettes can decrease your fertility levels. Aside from that, if you get pregnant, your baby may not have the best health while developing in your womb if you still smoke. Thus, it is time to put a stop to your smoking habit, so that you can get pregnant soon.

62. Do not forget to take prenatal vitamin.

Even before getting pregnant, it is also a good idea to take prenatal vitamins for it. This is because, it does no only ensure that your baby would become healthy. When you take a prenatal supplement, especially one that is loaded with folic acid, your health would not just be boosted, but also your fertility.

63. Track or monitor your cycles.

Tracking or monitoring your menstrual cycles is a good way to follow in order to get pregnant. This is because, it can help you determine the dates when you ovulate. Aside from that, it can also help you determine the date of being conceived. Thus, when you track it, it would not just help in getting you pregnant, but also help in determining accurate due dates.

64. Finding a new practitioner.

Even if you are not pregnant yet, if you know that you need to find a new practitioner, then it is best if you can do your search really soon. This is because, your practitioner, can help by giving you tips in getting pregnant. Aside from that, if you find one before getting pregnant, then by the time that you are, you would already be comfortable in working with her.

65. Talk to friends about pregnancy.

Talking to your friends about pregnancy, giving birth, as well as becoming a parent. This way, you would be able to learn a lot of facts about it. By learning more about these things, you would have a better way of deciding whether you really want to get pregnant soon or not.

66. Be aware of harmful chemicals.

There are certain chemicals that may be harmful to you and your baby. These substances can be found at your place or at work. It is best to know what types of chemicals are in your surroundings, and see if they can harm you or your baby. If they can, then it is best to avoid any contact with them, so that you would be safe as well as your baby.

67. Brush your teeth more frequently.

When you get pregnant, it is very possible that your teeth could get weakened, especially if you are not able to supplement your body with lots of calcium. Thus, it is best to take good care of it, while you are not pregnant yet. With that, if you and your spouse are trying to conceive a baby today, then it is best to see your dentist, and practice good oral hygiene.

68. Stop drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol can actually bring down your fertility levels by 50 percent according to recent studies. Thus, you should stop drinking alcoholic beverages as soon as possible. This should not be practiced by you alone, but your spouse should also be aware of it.

69. Tell medical professionals about your goals.

It is best to tell any medical professional that you come across with that you are trying to get pregnant. This is because, if one is not aware, then he may subject you to tests and chemicals, which can harm the baby. By telling the medical professional of the possibility that you are pregnant, you are ensuring that your baby would be safe.

70. Load up on calcium.

Make sure that your vitamin-mineral supplement is loaded with calcium. This is because, once you have a child inside your body, he or she will make use of your calcium supply in order to get his skeletal system developed well. Thus, if you lack calcium, then your bones and teeth may suffer once you get pregnant.

71. Think that you are pregnant.

Act like you are pregnant, if you want to get pregnant. This is because, it is very possible that you are already carrying a child in your womb without knowing it yet. Thus, if you think that you are already pregnant, then you would be able to avoid certain things like drinking alcohol and smoking easier.

72. Make sure your vitamin supplement contains phosphorus and vitamin D.

Calcium is actually one of the nutrients that would be needed by your body once you get pregnant. However, your body needs adequate amounts of phosphorus and the sunlight vitamin, in order to absorb calcium well. Thus, you must see to it that your supplement contains these nutrients, so that your body can utilize calcium.

73. Make a calendar of activities.

You and your spouse should come up with a calendar of activities, in order for you to get pregnant. This will allow you to properly plan out every step that you want to take into becoming a pregnant woman. Aside from that, by making a calendar for the things that you want to do, it would serve as your guidance, in order to achieve what you want.

74. Start your own blog about pregnancy.

If you want to become more motivated in getting pregnant, then you can actually start a free blog about pregnancy for it. When you create a blog, it is very possible for likeminded individuals to post their comments on it, which can help you attain your goals. Aside from that, you can also ask some of them for questions, in order for you to become pregnant soon.

75. Avoid eating processed foods.

Processed foods are usually loaded with toxins as well as empty calories, which can make you fat as well as put your health at risk. Thus, it is best to check out your refrigerator, and see to it that you don’t have processed foods left. Focus more on natural foods, so that you would become healthier, which can help you in getting pregnant fast.

76. Drink 8 glasses of water each day.

Drinking adequate amounts of water each day ensures that you are well hydrated. Aside from that, it also helps in flushing out free radicals from your body. In other words, drinking 8 glasses per day would boost your health; and, with better body condition, you should be able to get pregnant very soon.

77. Having sex every day.

Some people think that having sex every day can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. However, this is actually untrue. The reason for that is, men can actually replenish their whole supply of sperm in a 24 hour period. In other words, if you make love to your spouse every day, then he is well equipped with good sperm count that can get you pregnant soon.

78. Don’t go on a strict diet.

There are certain diet programs today that are strict and can make you consume lesser amounts of calories than you need. This is actually not a good program to follow when you try to get pregnant. This is because, eating lesser amounts of calories can actually lower down your body’s metabolism; and, when that happens, you may no longer have enough energy to have sex with your partner as often as you want.

79. Go natural.

Whenever you feel heartburn, constipated, or nausea, it is always best to go with natural remedies for it. This is because; natural means of solving these problems would not lower down your fertility levels. Aside from that, you don’t want to take any kind of medication when you want to get pregnant, since it is also possible that you are already pregnant without being aware of it.

80 to 100 Getting Pregnant Tips

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