Medical tourism is a fast-growing industry thanks to the extremely high cost of medical treatments in developed countries and long waiting periods for patients. Although several Asian countries have quickly responded to this need by setting up world-class hospitals in their countries, the Middle East too has woken up to this sunshine industry and as a result middle east medical tourism is another alternative for patients that want a medical procedure at a high-tech hospital at cost-effective rates.

The fact is that most Middle Eastern countries have a lot of money to set up world-class hospitals along with related infrastructure to attract patients from all over the globe. Although most medical procedures might be quite costly as compared to other countries in the medical tourism route such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc, sanitary conditions outside the hospitals are perceived to be much better in the Middle East instead of other developing countries. Thus, some patients might be willing to pay a higher rate while embarking on a middle east medical tourism trip.

Some countries in the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai already have internationally accredited hospitals that are second to none in terms of medical equipment and quality of treatment. Most doctors speak fluent English and are anyway educated in various western countries. They can easily make any patient feel right at ease even as the patient and his or her family might marvel at the latest equipments adorning most hospitals in the Middle Easter region, be it Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, etc.

Surprisingly, while middle east medical tourism is increasing at a decent level and seeing an increasing number of patients from developed countries including Western nations, a significant number of patients from many Middle Eastern countries have also embarked on their own medical trip to developing countries such as India that have seen a spurt in top-quality private hospitals in the last decade. However, since most Middle Eastern countries are perceived to have less crime and seen to be much cleaner than several Asian countries, the trend of medical tourism is surely bound to increase. In addition, many Middle Eastern countries also have spectacular tourist spots that can leave any patient with a lasting and fond memory, especially if the medical treatment turns out to be a successful one.

Nason Medical Center is open for business

Nason Medical Center is open for business—North Charleston (

All that the patients and their families need to do is to contact a competent middle east medical tourismfacilitator or agency that has a thorough knowledge not only on all countries within the Middle East but also matching hospitals that can offer the best treatment to the patient at a reasonable cost. In addition, the facilitator will also look after the traveling, accommodation, and insurance needs of the patient and anyone that accompanies him or her. The facilitator should also ensure that there are no communication problems once the patient is in the desired country and that the entire experience right from staying, sight-seeing, and completion of the medical treatment continues smoothly so that the patient returns back to his or her own country with a healthy body and happy memories.

The Middle East too has now joined the medical tourism bandwagon and many countries in that region have put their money to good use by creating an impressive infrastructure to support their world-class hospitals. Discerning patients that might be apprehensive of visiting an Asian country now have a choice of visiting a Middle Eastern country to get world-class medical treatment at extremely cost-effective rates.

Middle east medical tourism

International Medical Tourism

The field of international medical tourism has exploded. There are organizations that feature doctors from literally all over the world, who meet together, and have conferences through the year. This is so that these doctors can network with each other and come to know the latest trends and methods that are being used in the field of medical tourism.

Of course, international medical tourism involves both the practice of treating a patient for medical conditions. But it also involves working together with local business owners to ensure that the patient has proper and comfortable amenities, and so that the patient will have a good stay. International medical tourism is a field that is only going to continue to explode, as patients from more developed countries seek to find ways to cut their medical care cost. Again, there are countries around the world that participate in international medical tourism. Some countries, such as Brazil and Mexico, are very well known for the medical niches that they offer. But some countries, such as Poland and the Philippines are a bit under the radar. Despite this, they are a part of the medical tourism community, and these countries are very safe to visit for these practices.

International medical tourism, Downtown London Ontario

International medical tourism, Downtown London Ontario—Ken Lund (

In fact, the Philippines does a lot of marketing to attract not only patients for surgeries, but they also are looking to draw in patients for plastic surgeries. Brazil of course always has been, and always will be a hot spot for these types of procedures. And while Mexico is a place for inexpensive plastic surgery, it is very well known in the U.S. for its dental procedures at a reduced rate.

If a patient goes to Asia, they can visit countries like Singapore. Not only can a patient receive fine medical care here, but they can relax and recover along the lush beaches, and take in the aromas of fragrant flowers and plants, all while eating sumptuous food, instead of stale, cold hospital food like back home. China offers the wisdom of ancient medicinal practices that are known as alternative medicine in the western world. What might be called alternative and exotic in the west, are nothing more than herbs and modalities that have been successfully practice since the beginning of time in China.
All a medical tourist has to do is to book a trip through an agent, or they have to go online. There are websites for people looking for medical facilities that reach out to those looking for medical tours. All a person has to do, is to do search engine search, and to make some phone calls. The whole process can seem daunting, but a patient in the end will be glad that they took the step.

International Medical Tourism

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India wants to double tourist numbers by 2016 Zee News ‘India wants to double tourist numbers by 2016 Zee News. Dubai India which sees an average of six million tourists visiting the country every year wants to double the number by the year 2016 by promoting wellness and medical tourism Union Tourism Minister has said. India gets just over six million and more.…

If you are facing a medical procedure in your own country that involves massive expenses and are looking for a solution that does not compromise on the quality of your treatment while substantially lowering your costs, then you can now look at a medical tourism solutions company that can take care of all your problems at a very cost-effective rate. You will not only be able to get the required treatment at half or even one tenth the rate in your own country but will also be able to visit another country around the globe at the same time too.

If you live in a developed country where medical treatment is prohibitively expensive and find that your insurance does not cover specific treatments or that the waiting period for such treatments at subsidized rates is simply too long, then you now have an easy option. The increasing popularity of medical tourism has enabled the emergence of select medical tourism solutions companies or medical tourism facilitators that can now arrange for the same treatment in another developing country at a fraction of what it would cost you in your own country.

Such companies offer a complete solution related to your medical problem by arranging for international and local travel, accommodation for you and your loved ones, choosing the best possible hospital or clinic suited for your treatment and post-operative care, and travel insurance, before ensuring that you return back to your own country in better health and with a lot of money to spare. If you are looking at any medical procedures such as heart bypass surgery, plastic surgery, dental treatment, weight-loss surgery, etc that might cost a lot in your country then you only need to contact an efficient and experienced medical tourism solutions company to solve your problem.

A capable solutions company can arrange for a medical tour in developing countries such as Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, Malaysia, etc where the same treatments can be conducted in top private hospitals literally at a fraction of the quoted rate in your own country. The world has anyway become a smaller place and you can now jet into your chosen country, get the medical procedure done with the help of your medical tourism solutions company, and return back within a couple of days, depending on the nature of that procedure. You will be allowed to visit your chosen hospital, talk to the concerned doctor, and ask all the required questions to the doctor and the facilitator provided you choose a solutions company that is totally transparent in its dealings.

Although the level of medical expertise might be the same in the chosen developing country, it is the lower administrative costs, lower salaries, lower cost of medicines, lower insurance premiums, and difference in exchange rates that can enable you to receive the same treatment for a lot less. However, it is very important to locate the best possible medical tourism solutions facilitator so as to turn the entire experience into one happy trip coupled with a safe medical procedure.

Most advanced countries now offer patients medical treatments that are either too costly or have extremely long waiting periods. If you want the same level of treatment quickly and at a very cost-effective rate then finding the right medical tourism solutions company can truly ensure that you enjoy your medical tourism jaunt as well as return back home in the best of health and wealth too.

Medical tourism solutions

Medical tourism solutions review

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Traveling does not only involve packing your bags, completing all your travel documents and getting a house sitter or pet sitter for the duration of your trip. More importantly, you have to make sure that you are physically ready to face your travel adventures. Regardless of your age or purpose of traveling, taking travel vaccinations weeks or days before your trip must never be an option.

Good health guarantees fun, happy, safe and enjoyable trip. To ensure good health, you need to be aware of the must-have travel vaccinations especially when you are traveling abroad. Vaccines for travel are classified under three categories; routine, recommended and required. You need to familiarize yourself with these things ahead of time.

Routine vaccinations offer protection against diseases that are common in many parts of the world. Recommended vaccines for travel are those that are intended to protect travelers from the illnesses o infectious diseases that are present in the country and nearby territories that they intend to visit. This type of vaccination depend on factors like your destination, the amount of time or number of days you intend to stay in that location, the season of the year in which you plan on traveling, your age, previous immunizations and overall health status. Lastly, required vaccinations refer to the travel vaccines required by the International Health Regulations. Vaccines for yellow fever are required for people traveling to the countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Tropical South America. Meningococcal vaccination is required from tourist by the government of Saudi Arabia, especially during Hajj.

Recommended travel vaccinations are perhaps the most overlooked point of travel preparations. Taking vaccines for diseases like hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Rabies, typhoid, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Japanese encephalitis are recommended for those who plan to spend a month or longer in rural areas and for travelers who plans on spending substantial time outdoors.

Elderly travelers, otherwise known as immunocompromised persons, who may have chronic liver disease or chronic medical conditions are advised to have a single intramuscular dose of immune globulin, two weeks before departure. Very young travelers, those who are one-year old or younger, especially those who have shown allergic reactions to vaccine component, should also receive a single intramuscular those of immune globulin in place of the allergic travel vaccine.

Travel vaccinations are meant to protect you contracting illnesses or infectious diseases that may harm or injure you during your trip. Although vaccines offer some level of health protection, you still need to remember certain precautionary measure to prevent getting sick while traveling. Rule number one: never drink water from tap unless it has been boiled, filtered or chemically disinfected. Also, refrain from drinking unbottled beverages or drinks with ice. eat only piping hot cooked foods. If you are going to try some local fruits and vegetables, make sure that they are peeled and cooked. Also, refrain from eating raw or undercooked meat or fish.
One thing travelers must include in their travel preparation checklist is a visit to their doctor for their travel vaccinations. Visiting their personal physicians or assigned travel health clinic must be done four to eight weeks before departure. This is because some vaccines take time to become effective. There are vaccines that may also bring temporary side-effects after injection. There are vaccines that can never be injected at the same time; hence, time intervals may be observed. Travel vaccinations are usually given in series over a period of days or weeks.

 Must-Have Travel Vaccinations

Must-Have Travel Vaccinations review

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With medical tourism turning into a hard reality, insurance providers that were reluctant to offer insurance coverage to patients traveling abroad can no longer afford to ignore this lucrative sector. Patients too find it convenient if they are adequately covered by an overseas medical insurance when they are in a foreign country awaiting a medical procedure.

Several international insurance service providers have now started offering overseas insurance coverage for patients and their loved ones that might want or need to go overseas for medical treatment. Since most insurance policies do not cover any sort of emergency outside that country, patients and their loved ones will need to inform their insurance service provider and purchase a separate overseas medical insurance policy. Another easier alternative is to contact an efficient medical tourism facilitator that will anyway be handling all travel and accommodation needs of the patient and those accompanying him or her to the specified country.

The facilitator can scout around for the best in overseas medical insurance policies that cover everything from lost passports, lost baggage, injuries whilst traveling to and from the country of origin to the destination country as well as any medical emergency that might arise during medical treatment in the foreign country. The last aspect of the policy would need to be clearly understood by the patient and his or her family since not many insurance providers might be willing to include that clause. In addition, insurance premium rates for such policies would certainly be on the higher side due to the increase in risk factors.

However, patients and their loved ones accompanying them would surely realize that their medical trip could surely turn into a nightmare if the patient or someone else accompanying him or her fell severely ill in a foreign country due to change of location, weather, food, water, etc or suffered an unfortunate accident. Also, since most medical tourism trips involve visiting developing countries, the risks perceived by patients, their families and by insurance companies are also on the higher side. However, if in case one does get involved in a serious accident or falls sick in a serious manner then medical treatment or an air-lift back to that developed country would surely turn into a financial nightmare and simply negate the entire purpose of visiting a developing country for cost-effective treatment.

Patients as well as medical tourism facilitators should carefully read about inclusions and more importantly exclusions in the proposed overseas medical insurance policy before they embark on their medical journey out of their country. They should not only compare premium rates but also the level of service as well as features before they purchase a policy that is most suited for their trip. A well-covered policy will give the patient and his or her loved ones peace of mind so that they can focus only on their trip and upcoming medical procedure instead of dreading any unexpected incident that could mar their experience of visiting a wonderful new country while also getting back lost health at a very reasonable rate.

People planning to travel to another country for sight-seeing as well as for medical treatments should not forget that their medical insurance cover could cease the minute they leave their own country. What they need is adequate overseas medical insurance that could offer cover on any type of eventuality that could turn their wonderful experience into a nightmare so that they can return back to their country only with wonderful memories and one less disease to worry about.

Overseas medical insurance

Overseas medical insurance.

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The advent of medical tourism now offers people in developed countries as well as developing countries a chance to go in for plastic surgery at reasonable rates. Just as other forms of medical treatments in various developing countries allow people to save a lot of money, medical tourism plastic surgery too has enabled people to improve their looks or correct deformities at a very cost effective rate.

In most countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, France, etc, plastic surgery is an expensive procedure that is out of reach of most middle class people. However, rapidly developing countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, etc now offer such people a chance to indulge in their fantasies or correct any abnormalities without watching their life savings go up in smoke. The services provided by select hospitals and clinics in these countries is world-class, and the final bill along with traveling expenses is often less than half of what it would have cost them in their own country.

In medical tourism plastic surgery, potential patients first need to seek out a competent medical tourism facilitator that has suitable experience in handling cases similar to the ones faced by the patient. While some facilitators are small companies where the owners themselves might act as a concierge during the entire medical tour, others are larger companies with an expert staff to help out patients. The requirements of the patient will be accessed first along with his or her medical history. The medical facilitator will now be able to offer options in terms of the country that the patient could visit along with hospitals or clinics that perform plastic surgery. The facilitator will also quote the fees applicable for the entire trip including the medical treatment and might also ask for their fees, although they could even receive commissions from the hospitals where that treatment might take place.

There are various types of procedures that are usually performed in medical tourism plastic surgery. These include nose and chin surgery, face implants, liposuction, breast enlargement or reduction or lifting, tummy tucks, etc. Each procedure has to be done by an expert doctor that is well-versed in the medical art of plastic surgery. While such procedures can be prohibitively expensive in developed countries, they can be reasonably priced in developing countries that might even have doctors trained in some of the best countries of the world. All travel, accommodation, operation and post-operative needs of the patient along with the needs of their relatives will be arranged by the concierge so that patients can safely return back to their own country with an improved body and a confident mind.

Although most forms of plastic surgery are becoming more common by the day, costs of such procedures are still quite high in developed countries. Most people also find out that such procedures are out of the gamut of their insurance cover. Thus, the best option for such people is to fly out of their country to another country that can do the same procedure at a very cost-effective rate and literally return back to their country feeling like a new person. In medical tourism plastic surgery costs in certain countries are indeed quite low, and the expertise achieved by doctors operating in world-class hospitals and clinics is second to none.

Medical tourism plastic surgery


Medical tourism is a blessing without disguise for both patients from developed countries that require cost-effective medical treatments as well as developing countries that benefit from this practice in terms of increased revenues and creation of new jobs. The medical tourism phenomenon has directly and indirectly created a lot of medical tourism jobs that have offered exciting new benefits to those seeking a place in this fast-growing industry.

While patients get a chance to drastically cut their medical bills even while exploring an exotic new country at the same time, medical tourism also offers a host of job opportunities to that country’s residents as well as specialized job opportunities to others that want to move to a new country. For example medical tourism jobs for locals could include jobs as therapists, male and female nurses, medical assistants, sales or accounting managers and assistants at hospitals and clinics, and other related jobs.

In addition, medical tourism also offers umpteen job opportunities to doctors, especially if they have specialized training and experience. Such doctors could also be outsourced from other developing or even developed countries as well as employed from the host country itself since there is an acute demand for specialist doctors all around the globe. There are also indirect medical tourism jobs that are related to the tourism industry. These include jobs as drivers, travel concierges, booking managers and assistants, tour operators, etc.

The hospitality industry too has noticed a boom in business over the past few years as patients as well as their loved ones need suitable accommodation before, during, and after the medical procedure. This leads to job openings in the hotel and restaurant industry such as jobs for cooks, chefs, room service attendants, waiters, managers, etc. All these industries benefit together whenever a patient and his or her loved ones land at that country on a medical tour. In addition, companies manufacturing medical equipment and other medical accessories such as gloves, medicines, medical instruments, etc would also require people to handle increased requirements of their products and services, and these would certainly be included as medical tourism jobs.

While all these industries offer new job openings, schools, medical colleges, and private institutions too need adequate staff to keep on churning new recruits to fill up the requirements created in this fast-growing industry. Thus, medical tourism jobs would also include job creation for teachers, professors, administrators, and other staff to provide the right level of education to meet the high standards required by patients arriving from developed nations. There are also umpteen job opportunities in the construction industry as each country rushes to construct world-class hospitals on their soil to attract a larger number of medical tourists towards spending money in their hospitals and hotels.

The medical tourism boom is here to stay for a long time as middle-class people in advanced countries are finding it extremely tough to pay for special medical treatments and procedures in their own country. This boom has resulted in several job opportunities, and medical tourism jobs will surely keep on growing with increased demand as higher numbers of patients land up on foreign shores to receive medical treatments at highly reduced rates.


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If you reside in a developed country and require a medical procedure that is extremely costly then you can now explore various developing countries that offer the same treatments at a fraction of the cost in your own country. However, before you start packing your bags to embark on a medical tour of the chosen country you will also need to check if you are covered under medical tourism insurance by your insurance provider.

Before the advent of medical tourism, most insurers did not offer any insurance coverage for patients that ventured into another country to get that bypass surgery, hip replacement, gall bladder surgery, plastic surgery, or dental treatment. However, many insurers have now realized the hard fact that medical tourism is here to stay since medical costs in some western countries have become simply unbearable for most middle-class patients. A few innovative medical insurance providers have now started to offer various types of medical tourism insurance to their clients.

Insurance companies too have realized that they can also save a neat packet if their patient undergoes the same medical procedure in another country at one-third or even one-fifth the price of what it would have cost in his or her own country. A typical medical tourism insurance policy could also cover any cancellations related to your travel or accommodation, sudden and unexpected medical expenses, accidental death or any other problems during the medical process or while traveling to the country, and even lost baggage. This could prove to be a huge benefit especially as you might already be apprehensive about traveling to a foreign country to face a major medical procedure.

If you reside in a developed country such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, etc then you can now travel to rapidly developing nations such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc that offer the best in medical treatment at very low rates. Your medical service provider would have already realized this fact and would surely provide you with a matching medical tourism insurance policy that suits your specific needs. As medical tourism booms, this form of insurance too is bound to experience serious growth as new entrants enter this arm of the insurance field. At the end of the day, it is patients such as you that will benefit with wider insurance coverage at very competitive rates.

If you have a family member accompanying you on the trip then you should also ensure adequate travel insurance coverage for that family member or members. Several countries too have also started to explore the option of outsourcing medical care outside their own country even as their over-burdened health-care systems try to cope with an increasing number of patients. You too might have no option but to rush overseas for specialized medical treatment, and adequate medical tourism insurance will insure that you are taken care of financially in case of any untoward incident during your medical trip.

Medical tourism is a cost-effective way out for most middle-class patients that might not be able to pay for special medical treatments in their own country. If you too are in a similar dilemma then you should certainly explore getting medical treatment in a developing country at a very cost-effective rate even as you get adequate coverage with the help of a matching medical tourism insurance policy that safeguards your wealth as you win back your health.

Medical tourism insurance

With medical tourism acquiring a professional touch all over the globe, you need not worry when you check into a private hospital in any developing country since once inside you might simply think that you are still in your own developed country. There has been a boom in medical tourism hospitals that are specialized in taking good care of foreign patients, who in turn can now be nursed back to good health at extremely cost-effective rates.

Several hospitals in developing countries have attained extremely high levels of technical sophistication and have doctors that have received the best medical training, sometimes in developed countries such as the USA or UK. These hospitals have also realized the potential of medical tourism as an increasing number of patients that cannot afford specialized medical treatments in their own countries now flock to foreign destinations, get the medical treatments completed in such countries, and then happily return back to their own country.

If you too have such plans for yourself then you should first get in touch with a competent medical tourism facilitator that can handle your entire trip without any hiccups. One of the most important factors in your entire trip would be choosing between several medical tourism hospitals so as to end up in one that has your best interests in mind. Several such hospitals have now sprung up in each major city across the developing world so as to cater to an increasing number of foreign patients that now want the best in heart treatments, hip and knee replacements, plastic surgery, and even dental treatments, that literally cost the earth in most developed countries.

These hospitals have now fine-tuned their treatments to suit foreign patients and their specific needs. Many hospitals also ensure that there is no communication problem between their doctors and foreign patients. On your part, you too should ensure that you get familiar with your designated hospital before you actually set foot inside it. You can visit the website of that hospital and conduct a virtual tour of the facilities as well as contact doctors or other specialists over phone or email before you actually set foot inside the country. This move will make you comfortable well before your actual treatment and you could also try these moves on various medical tourism hospitals if you have not yet made up your mind on which hospital best suits your particular requirements.

Both you and your facilitator should clearly discuss all medical, legal, and insurance-related matters with differentmedical tourism hospitals before choosing one that offers the best in medical treatment as well as covers you in case of any undesired eventuality during or after the treatment. Experienced doctors and medical staff that have handled a wide range of foreign patients in the past can easily offer you a complete package that will take care of all your queries and worries so that you can simply focus on getting well and happily return back to your own country as a new man or woman, or in some cases even the other way around.

Rapid development in specific developing countries has led to the creation of world-class hospitals that offer a host of medical treatments at very reasonable costs as compared to the western world. If you too need medical treatment that seems out of bounds financially in your own country then you should certainly explore several medical tourism hospitals located in different developing countries before you make up your mind on the one that best suits your needs. You will not only receive the best possible treatment but will also save a neat packet when you return in good health back to your own country.

 Medical tourism hospitals

Kolkata has potential to become medical tourism hub Hindu Business Line Kolkata has potential to become medical tourism hub Hindu Business Line. Kolkata has potential to be developed as a major medical tourism destination in South Asia Debashis Sen Principal Secretary of the Urban Development Department West Bengal said. There is great possibility of turning Kolkata into a health tourism and more.…

Medical Tourism has become such an industry, that there are world wide organizations to offer conferences and guidance to medical professionals that treat patients from all over the world. But medical tourism is more than just treating a patient from another part of the world. Doctors do this on a smaller scale all of the time. Medical tourism is the practice of someone combining a vacation with their medical procedure. And or the patient specifically will go to a certain medical tourism destinations for a procedure, because that country is known to offer the procedure at high quality, for a lower price than what the patient would pay for it in their home country.

There are many countries that participate in medical tourism. Each country offers an array of services, but certain countries have gained a reputation for certain services. Here is a look as some medical tourism destinations, and why people flock to these locations:

Brazil: Brazil has for a long time been known to be a plastic surgery mecca. The plastic surgery in this country is so prevalent and affordable, more than half of the females in this country have had some type of plastic surgery. The most common types of plastic surgery are for breast augmentation, rear augmentation, and various surgeries for the face. The doctors in Brazil have added in common medical procedures in their practice for medical tourist as well.

Panama: Panama is a surprising location for medical tourism. The prices are very affordable, and the country draws in many medical tourists from the US, and from Europe. This is an affordable option for many patients.

Mexico: Mexico is the medical tourist destination for a variety of services, but what they are most known for in Mexico are the dentist. The Mexican dentists have actually attended medical school a year longer than U.S. dentist, and yet they offer services that are 50 percent or cheaper than dental services in the U.S. Because of it’s proximity to the U.S., many Americans flock past the border to get their dental work done.

Singapore: Singapore is seeing a major influx into the area due to its recent accreditations as being amongst the best hospitals in the world. As such, many people are able to receive first class health care, and yet be able to enjoy the lush beauty that Singapore offers.

China: China is seeing an influx of medial tourist from around the world, especially from Europe. This is because Europe is more receptive to alternative and natural/herbal medical methods. China is the land of acupuncture, acupressure, and a host of herbal treatments and modalities that focus on treating the mind, body, and the spirit. Patients can receive services at a fraction of the price that they would in their own country; services that have been used for thousands of years.

India: India is one of the largest and most popular medical tourism destinations. The healthcare is very inexpensive, the doctors have western training, and the hospitals are amongst some of the best in the world. Indian doctors can offer the full range of medical services and surgeries, and they have a booming surrogacy industry that people from all over the world partake in.

 Medical Tourism Destinations

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The purpose of a person taking a medical tourism trip is to save money. So it would stand to reason that the medical tourist would want to travel to a location that offers top medical services at a very reduced price. But along with wanting to receive reduced priced medical care, the medical tourist wants to be able to recover, and or to enjoy the location that they are visiting after the procedure is complete. In some cases, the tourist will have to stay in the host country for an extended period of time. This is because they need to be close to the practicing physician to make sure that the patient is healing correct, and well. Furthermore, the patient might be too weak to travel, and long distance air travel might even be too dangerous for a time. Certain procedures will simply require bed rest for a period of time.

So with all of this in mind, a patient will certainly want to seek out medical tourism deals. These deals can be found in a variety of ways, through a variety of channels. First, the best way to find these types of deals is through a travel agency that specializes in medical tourism deals. All that needs to be done is an online search that will bring up the names of various travel agencies that arrange for medical tourism tours. If you find that there are no such agencies in your area, don’t hesitate to contact a variety of agencies anyway. They will be able to book a trip for you, send you the tickets, and guide you through what to expect.

This leads to another aspect of medical tourism deals. Many medical facilities affiliate themselves with local hotels, and amenities. This helps the medical and the tourist communities. How this works, is that when a potential patient calls the medical facility to inquire about the procedure, the facility can inform the patient about local hotels that work with the patient to offer them a discount, since they are coming for the medical procedure. When the medical facility refers patients to various hotels and restaurants, these businesses earn revenue in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise. So they are glad to pass on savings to the patients who are in the area for their medical tours.

One more way to come about medical tourism deals is to do research on which countries offer the lowest prices on the services that you might want. All medical tourism countries pretty much perform the same things. But certain countries charge a lot less than others. So if you do some homework, you can find the right combination of countries that offer excellent care, great room and board, and very low prices to boot.

Medical Tourism Deals

Medical costs are sky high in most western countries. On top of the indignity of not being able to afford the healthcare that many need, many people don’t have insurance, they find that they insurance payments are too high, or the insurance won’t cover a procedure even after the expensive payments are made! People are finding that they have to suffer with paperwork, bureaucracy, long wait times, bad bedside manner, and horrible customer service. Once people think about the insanity of it all, a medical tourist vacation can sound very inviting indeed.

But is the cost worth it to go to a strange, exotic country to have foreign doctors operating on your body? Well on the one hand, you might think to yourself that you have nothing to lose; you are already losing precious time in dealing with the current system. But in a very real way, medical tourism cost are an excellent deal for someone who needs care right away, and is tired of waiting around or with messing around with the system that is in place for them. The fact is that most medical procedures that are performed in foreign medical tourism countries cost a lot less than do medical procedures in western countries.

There are other costs to consider for medical tourism cost beyond finances, although finances are the biggest draw. One should consider the emotional cost that they will save when they are able to see the physician of their choice right away. There will be no worry about flying to a strange country and then having to wait for treatment. The treatment will be arranged for before the patient leaves their home country. This way, when they arrive in the host country, they will get settled in their temporary residence, and then they will be escorted right away to the hospital or medical facility.

Other costs that will be saved, is the cost of peace of mind. A medical tourist can choose to be treated in a destination that is calm, peaceful, and where they will be treated like a king or a queen. They won’t have to worry about the hassles of life, or the bad attitudes of people around them. The patient will be surrounded by attendants who care about the treatment and the recovery of the patient. These attendants will be from the local economy, so they will bend over backwards to make sure that the patient is comfortable and being treated well. They want medical tourist to return.

So, if you consider the fact that on a medical tourism trip that you can save money on the procedure, take an exotic vacation, and be treated extremely well, then the medical tourism cost is very much worth it. Many people have found that when they’ve spent money on the procedure and the vacation, they have still saved thousands compared to the money they would only spend on the procedure at home.

 Medical Tourism Cost

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How to Ensure Safe Medical Tourism

The booming industry of medical tourism is mostly driven by individuals seeking established and proven treatments that cost much less than in their home country. The opportunity to undergo world class medical and health care treatment and services plus relaxing vacationing opportunities is quite irresistible to underinsured patients. However, there is always the question about how safe medical tourism is.

Medical tourism facilitators promote safe medical tourism by earning and gaining proof of qualifications, experience and accreditations from the world’s leaders in health care technology, practice and services. However, many countries offering medical tourism packages do not have specific national standards and systems for collecting comparative clinical outcome data as well as independent reviews and analysis. Even with international accreditation such as JCI, there is no absolute guarantee on the quality and assessment of the successes of treatments. Hence, one way of ensuring safe medical tourism is by seeking areas who have successfully managed to establish solid reputation o medical travel as in dental treatment and cosmetic surgery.

Perhaps you should take time assessing the accreditation, expertise and experiences of the hospitals and doctors marketed by a country’s medical tourism program. Take time to browse the resume of the participating doctors and take note o their affiliations with important associations. For hospitals, take note of their insurers to ensure that the institution as well as its medical staff meets all the legal, technical and sanitary requirements in practicing medicine and providing health care. Also, certifications that prove that a medical institution’s premises have duly certified facilities authorized by competent departments should convince potential medical tourists of their world class and quality medical services.

Safe medical tourism, Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island

Safe medical tourism, Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island—Ken Lund (

Reading some testimonials from patients around the world proves to be useful in deciding whether or not a medical and vacationing package is safe. Organizations that promote safe medical tourism operate websites that publish the testimonials of previous patients as well as their contact information, which may be provided upon request. The website also allows direct consultation with people considered as valuable reference and strong guarantee to the respect of safe medical tourismin that particular country. This way, you can contact people who have undergone the medical procedure or treatment that you plan on having. This should help set your mind at ease about the risks that that particular procedure may offer.

In rare cases, traveling patients go to other countries for unproven and experimental treatment. The questions on how safe medical tourism is regarding experimental treatment and other treatment procedures that are only available overseas and is not yet approved in their home country is currently a pressing issue. Most doctors advice their patients to refrain from undergoing unproven and experimental procedures as the procedure is still in the stage of being studied, evaluated and understood. Although there are already success stories regarding new and experimental treatments, people need to make sure that the procedure must be done by a group with a program, proper specialists and conservative regimen to minimize health risks.
Hence, the answer on how safe medical tourism is depends on which country and which participating hospitals, doctors and specialists are involved. Although this treatment opportunity is much cheaper, the lower cost does not necessarily mean low standard or quality of service. The program usually markets the country’s finest hospitals and doctors.

How to Ensure Safe Medical Tourism


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Dental Treatment Abroad

When a person wants to seek out dental treatment abroad, they can go to a variety of countries. There are countries such as India, Mexico, and Costa Rica that will offer these types of services. Many people might worry that the procedures might not be up to standards, especially if they are from the U.S. or from Canada. A medical tourist can rest assure that they will receive the same care as they would in their home country.

So if this is the case, why would someone want to seek out dental treatment in a foreign country? The main reason is because of price. The fact is that in many countries, the cost of dental treatment has gone through the roof. People simply can’t afford to stay on top of their dental care. They can go years without even receiving a cleaning, nevermind any deep treatments. Cavities turn into root canals, and if left untreated, the teeth must be extracted. Then the patient is left with the cost of implants, or dentures. Certainly these are very expensive.

Dental treatment, 100617-N-7456N-168

Dental treatment, 100617-N-7456N-168—JTF Guantanamo (

So if a person needs to get an implant, dentures, or if they simply don’t want to sacrifice their first born child in order to get their tooth pulled, they will seek out the services of a foreign dentist. They won’t have to wait to see a dentist either. They will land in the host country, get settled in, and go right away to be treated. They can then stay in the country to recover if recovery time is needed, or to visit the local sights and sounds. In many cases, the cost of the procedure and the vacation is still far less then the cost of the procedure in their home country.

Getting one’s teeth repaired and treated in another country can do a lot to save them in the long run. Dental infections and problems can lead to other infections and issues in the blood. It’s very true that if a person doesn’t get their dental infections treated, then the infection can spread in the bloodstream to other parts of the body. Or, if a person doesn’t receive proper dental care, then they will find that they will have a harder time getting employment, or they will have a hard time socially. It’s a shame that all of these things could be easily treated if only a person could afford to treat them. This is why dental treatment abroad can do wonders in helping to restore a person’s health, and their livelihood.

If a person wants to receive dental treatment abroad, they can do an online search to find the countries that provide this service, as well as agencies that have worked with many people and might be able to guide a medical tourist through a safe and successful trip.

Dental Treatment Abroad


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Dental Medical Tourism

The health and the appearance of one’s teeth is one of the first things that people notice. For this reason alone, dental health is of the utmost importance. The mouth is the gateway for the digestive track, nourishment, and for communication. All of these aspects can be stunted with poor dental health. If a person has poor dental health, they won’t be able to chew or intake their food properly. This can lead to poor digestion, because a person might be in pain, and they can’t chew their food properly. Or, bad teeth can lead to a host of infections in the gums, and in the bloodstream. There have been cases of people dying because of a horrible tooth infection that spread through the bloodstream into the vital organs. Studies have shown that one’s cardiovascular health can be tied to their dental health.

Poor dental health can also impede one’s standing in society. If a person has poor dental health, or if they are missing teeth, chances are slim that an employer will want to hire them. If a person does get hired, the position will be one that is low paying, and that doesn’t involve dealing with customers much. This can be devastating to one’s self esteem, and to their pay. It’s a cycle of not being able to earn more money because of one’s teeth, but if a person doesn’t earn more money, they can’t fix their teeth. Finally, poor dental health can cause people to judge you in a negative way. They might assume that you have poor dental habits when in fact you might not be able to afford dental care. Poor dental health can impede your ability to network and to make social connections and friendships. All of these reasons play into the factors of seeking out dental medical tourism.

Dental medical, Dental procedure aboard USS Abraham Lincoln

Dental medical, Dental procedure aboard USS Abraham Lincoln—Official U S Navy Imagery (

Dental medical tourism involves traveling to another country to seek out dental care. The primary reason to do this, is to save money on the procedure. Many dental procedures can be quite costly. If the teeth are in very poor condition, then more work will have to be done to either restore the teeth, or to replace the teeth all together. Many people know and understand that replacing one’s teeth with dental appliances are very costly. So going to a foreign country can save a lot of money for the same product.

A few countries that are well known for dental medical tourism are Mexico, Costa Rica, and India. Many people have traveled to these countries to take care of their dental needs and they have found great success in traveling to these countries. On top of this, dental medical tourist can stay for a long as they wish, and visit the country while they are there. There are quite a few agencies and websites that can assist a dental tourist with their travel and stay, as well as in finding the right dental facility.

Dental Medical Tourism


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